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Finding Skilled Labor In The Industry Just Became More Difficult

Mortgage News Daily is out with a piece that puts into perspective why the $15 a cubic yard debris removal and the $1.19 per house square foot — not actual wall square foot — painting pricing is no longer even considered by most in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. I mean why would it be when In-n-Out Burger is paying their restaraunt managers $160,000 per year?! That IS NOT a typo! Fact of the matter is any belief that 45 day wait times while Labor continues to float the note and then is charged back for doing such has already dug such a deep hole with respect to recruiting it is nearly impossible to find anyone to work.

In December NAHB asked home builders, as part of its monthly NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index survey, to list the biggest problems they encountered in 2019 and those they expect to encounter this year. The cost and availability of labor topped the survey in both instances. Eighty-seven percent named it as their number one problem last year and 85 percent expected it to be so this year. This far outdistanced the second most mentioned problem; building materials, named by 66 percent, unchanged from year to year. — Emphasis added in original article.

And while it will continue to go unheeded by Industry Executives, the fact of the matter is once Labor has completely moved on, there is no amount of training or pricing that will ever bring them back. And training is at the top of the inquiries both Foreclosurepedia and the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) have been receiving requests about. No amount of training will ever take the place of paying Labor a decent wage in a timely fashion. Period.

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