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Facebook Preservation Industry Group Calls For Murder

When it comes to opinionated rhetoric, I am a household name. The First Amendment protects my Right to my opinion. What the First Amendment does not protect is the targeting of a human being for premeditated first degree murder. The First Amendment does not, as well, protect those whom tacitly support the same by and through their silence.

Kim Savage, owner of Women at Work, established a Facebook Group entitled Property Preservation Company’s Information Exchange. It is a seedy melange of professional contractors, inspectors, hacks and spammers. Savage’s Group is no stranger to controversy. The largest problem, by in large, is that Savage refuses to abide by Facebook Policy.

Facebook, which has more than 500 million users worldwide, prohibits content that is “hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.” Savage, time and again, has refused to vigilantly monitor the postings in her Group. She places both herself and the Company’s she works for squarely in the threshold of liability. Savage’s recent response to the reporting of threats of murder was to ban the victim!

Kip Graham, Principal of Graham Development Corporation, is a St. Helena Island, South Carolinian. Unlike Lindsey Graham, his Senator, Kip does not have carte blanche to call for the murder of human beings. Someone must have forgotten to inform him of that, I guess. Here is his recent demands, across state lines using electronic means:

  • Kip GrahamThis guy is a terrible writer
  • Kip GrahamWhat I don’t understand is where he gets his info if these are suppose to be private groups,,is there someone Hacking information to him,i would like to know.That is grounds for Treason and is punishable by hanging.

The reality is that death threats are taken seriously. ZDNET covered two cases of it wherein people went to jail immediately. The days of saying, “Oh, it’s just how he is,” are gone. Emil Protalinski, a freelance journalist for CNET and ZDNET stated, “I don’t have much more to say other than: if you see threatening posts on Facebook, report them.” Below, is the first paragraph from Protalinski’s Article,

Jordan Dickinsen of Wisconsin allegedly made a death threat on Facebook two months ago. This week, he was sentenced to six weeks in jail, according to WQOW.

It would appear that Graham’s desire to murder is actually publicly supported by many Mortgage Field Services Industry Contractors. The reality is that in today’s world, no one knows what the mindset of anyone else is. Is Graham capable of committing murder; capable of “…hanging…” someone? I do not know. Are those people whom “Liked” his Comment above capable of conspiring to commit murder? I do not know. What I do know is that it goes beyond the pale of that which a civilized society will tolerate.

SEAS LLC Logo Liking Graham's call for hanging
SEAS LLC Logo Liking Graham’s call for hanging


The more disturbing part of this is that SEAS LLC has an employee utilizing their Logo in this. I reached out to SEAS LLC to attempt to get a Comment as to whether or not SEAS LLC believes the call for murder is proper. While normally it would be a person’s individual opinion, the utilization of the SEAS LLC Logo implicates SEAS LLC. We will Publish SEAS LLC’s Comments should they choose to send any.

My existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to many, is silently applauded by all. The reality is that the Industry has never had to face scrutiny. When the Solution to threats of murder leveled against females is their removal from Facebook Groups, it is a testament to Kim Savage’s condoning violence against women.

Yes, Mills was removed from the Facebook Group for my Inquiries to Savage with respect to the threats of murder against her. Wow! Savage is a true testament to the depths that some people will go to be cool with Order Mills. — More on Savage and her Order Milling in upcoming Articles.

The impetus of Graham’s calling for murder is based upon a misguided belief that there is an “informant” within Savage’s Facebook Group. Quite unsettling, really. Here we have a multitude of Contractors; all working for numerous National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Companies, tacitly and publicly condoning Graham’s blatant call for murder. That is the issue, you see. Is the NAMFS Regime willing to continue employing Contractors whom participate in Groups calling for Murder? Not a single Member of Kim Savage’s Group felt that the calling for murder of a human being was improper. If they had, they would have flagged and/or reported upon Graham’s call for murder. That last statement alone has miles of opinion attached.

The thread which set off this wildfire is based upon an Article I wrote about Ronald Starusnack III. So, while people like John Leeming wish to place innocent, single mother’s squarely on the chopping block for Graham’s call for murder in his suggestion that Crystal Mills is relaying information I am releasing how I get what I get on Facebook — More on John Leeming and his Network of Order Milling later. Yeah, this one is going to leave a mark.

Data mining, web scraping, spiders and bots. That simple, in a way. I incorporate a tremendous amount of coding and implementation as well; the Sources I use on Facebook are male. So, while you hacks have cosigned the Death Warrant for Crystal you did such from a position of ignorance. As opposed to those of you whom were so eager to send an innocent woman to Graham’s Death Tribunal, I am a meticulous person.

Foreclosurepedia, unlike Kim Savage and Kip Graham, will not tolerate violence. I personally monitor the Social Media I participate in as well as the Groups I run. This type of behavior; the gang mentality wherein other men and women of Kim Savage’s Facebook Group advocate for the same, should be investigated by law enforcement as well as the Company’s whom are giving work to each and every one of these people.

At the time of this Publication, Savage stated, “Kip was just kidding. That isn’t his personality even to be mean. He is a kind hearted man who was just joking.” Joking about murder?! Wow. Pass the Kool Aid. Typical Order Mill mentality. Penalize the victim to ensure profit.

An Inquiry to Facebook and a multitude of Mortgage Field Services Industry Company’s had not responded replies as of yet.

I am all for people attacking me as it comes with the territory. I am much like Talk Radio; a million people hate me, but they discuss me every day.

Make no mistake that while each of us have deeply held opinions and beliefs, the condoning of murder; the refusal to call out those whom call for such, separates those from humanity. Specifically, the cosigning of the call for murder by I am going to dedicate some time to ensure that those whom cosigned Graham’s call for murder get their 15 Minutes of Fame.

At the end of the day, my opinions have far reaching audiences. Hacks loosing their Contracts while tragic, are a necessary evil. It is not simply the Order Mills whom are guilty of crimes against humanity. People like Kim Savage join the ranks of sell out artists; Savage and her mediocrity are measured by the losses she has experienced at the hands of the Industry and their refusal to pay her. The record will clearly reflect, when the dust settles, that the Industry will come kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Threats of violence, even when Savage attempts to downplay them and punish the victims, will never be looked upon favorably. More on Savage tomorrow.

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