Eric Miller Keeps Buczek Enterprises In NAMFS After Fraud

NAMFS Continues To Support Buczek Enterprises As Victims Lose Everything

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) continues to keep Buczek Enterprises, LLC, in their Association even though they still owe millions of dollars to Minority Females and Labor. In fact, so sordid were the details of their fraud that the then Altisource Associate General Counsel pulled all of their work and offered thirty cents on the dollar to keep Americans quiet. Patricia E McTaggart, the same McTaggart whom defrauded Minority Females and Labor during the Berghorst Enterprises scandal and SEAS Scandal, oversaw Buczek Enterprises. Here is what Adam Buczek had to say when the heat kicked up over his and his sister Amanda’s fraud,

Due to threatening phone calls and text messages that some of our staff and principals have received, we are unwilling to speak by phone regarding this situation anymore. Please send all future communications to the email account below. If a phone call is necessary, it can be scheduled. We understand for some companies that this situation can be very difficult but while we are working our way through the situation we ask you to please not make any threats of harassment or violence to Buczek Enterprises, its principals or its staff. Future threats via any source will be directed as we have already to local law enforcement however we would much rather work in a civil manner to resolve this dire situation.Threats of harassment and violence will only force the company to seek protection including the protection of a bankruptcy court.

Adam Buczek is a bitch, plain and simple. Adam Buczek spent years of hiding behind his sister’s skirt while she sold out Buczek Enterprises to National Field Network (NFN) at the cost of Minority Females and Labor. And while Amanda stuck her family and Minority Females and Labor with a multi million dollar bill, she moved into real estate and reverse mortgages and was set up quite nicely. Today, though, NFN has shifted to the same fraud they committed against Buczek and are borderline insolvent. This proves precisely why Adam’s father, Dan, should have been neutered as a child. Dan Buczek’s only claim to fame is one son in federal prison and another son and daughter defrauding Minority Females and Labor. The overall problem which Dan and his son have caused by being the eunuchs that they are, actually lie at the feet of Eric Miller. Miller, whom is currently on vacation — I shit you not —  is paid over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR to keep the Buczek’s and others safe. Miller’s salary consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues.

And since those painful days in 2014 when Adam and Amanda Buczek began defrauding Minority Females and Labor, families have been destroyed. While the Buczek’s live on that which they have stolen from innocent victims, they have always remembered to pay Eric Miller his Blood Money by and through paying their NAMFS Membership dues.

And if you think that the Buczek Family suffered during the time they committed wholesale fraud against the women and children they targeted, simply take a look through their Facebook pages. White trash living high on the hog is the only way to describe it. And if you believe that the Buczek’s are not racist, take a read through Dan Buczek’s Facebook page. Dan Buczek proposes that no one should drink fluoridated water and his son, back from the federal penitentiary after defrauding banks and forging passports, believes that vaccinations should end.  And just as quick as Caleb Buczek can get properties sold to unsuspecting Minorities, Eric Miller ensures that his family remain in NAMFS to clean up the mess.

If you are curious what may have been the precipitation to the fraud which Buczek Enterprises began kicking off against Minority Females and Labor, perhaps a look through of Amanda’s travel towards the end of 2013, will give you a clue,

This, coupled with an expensive wedding; a new child; and a new home, all added up to Minority Females and Labor taking it to the gut so that the Buczek’s could live their life of luxury. Over the next several days we will revisit the most heinous crimes committed by a NAMFS Member other than their former infamous and now disgraced Secretary, Heather Berghorst. And over the next several days, the victims of the atrocities committed by the Buczek Family should voice their concern over Eric Miller continuing to defend them.

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