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Eric Miller Apoplectic Over Loss of NAMFS Membership Revenues

2018 marks the first time since 1978 that the Dow finished out the year in the red after rising in the first three quarters, and the first for the S&P 500 since 1948. For Nasdaq, it is only the second time in its history it failed to defend January-to-September gains through the end of the year, the last time being 1987, according to the Dow Jones Market Data group. And following that same trajectory are the membership statistics of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). Eric Miller, Executive Director of NAMFS, lost $51,616 during NAMFS’ latest income tax filings for Fiscal Year 2017. Under the leadership of Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, NAMFS has lost tens of thousands of dollars each year while Miller has been granted ten thousand dollar per year raises during most of his tenure. Miller’s salary today exceeds One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year which is nearly the entire remaining amount of assets and capital remaining according to their IRS filing.

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The reality is that the NAMFS Board of Directors have not just been cooking the books, but going full Iron Chef with the shit. And even the Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) money grab is beginning to run run out of steam as countless NAMFS members have become fed up with the exorbitant pricing with zero return. Look, AGS is the premiere finishing school for placement of people like Chuck Sokol into NAMFS firms. If you look at most of the Prime Vendors within the Mortgage Field Services Industry, almost all of them have former AGS personnel. And those former AGS personnel are there to ensure that there is never a challenge to the multi-million dollar background checks which do nothing more than conduct an internet search of a name. AGS’ system is completely incapable of knowing whether or not the AGS Number assigned is being used by the person assigned to it. In fact, Foreclosurepedia has proven that people in multiple locations are capable of utilizing the same AGS Number.

The continued refusal by Justis Smith, NAMFS President and CEO of Rowe Enterprises, to perform proper due diligence was recently documented by Foreclosurepedia. Smith, a female, had no objections when Brett Rockwell was delegated as the sole point of contact at Kinum, a debt collections firm NAMFS partners with. And it would appear that the #MeToo movement is up in arms against Smith and other NAMFS officials.

2018 saw the single largest drop in NAMFS membership in memory. All told, nearly $1 billion worth of contract holders either went bankrupt, were purchased, or simply closed their doors. Thousands of dollars in memberships and tens of thousands of dollars in NAMFS Conference Sponsorships simply vanished by the end of 2018. And while many continue to question the reasons why, the answer is simple: The Axis of Evil. The Axis of Evil is the unholy alliance between Eric Miller and Justis Smith.

I am not sure what goes through a woman’s mind, like Justis Smith, when she approves a deal which funnels female victims to a man who compares women’s reproductive organs to sharks. I mean this is the problem with our Industry today. NAMFS forces cost prohibitive AGS background checks upon Minority Females and labor — WHICH ARE NOT EVEN REQUIRED BY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS  — and ensure that NAMFS personnel are never given a second look. Even the most basic of social media searches would have revealed the true beliefs of Brett Rockwell.

Time and time again, Eric Miller and the ALL WHITE NAMFS Board of Directors turn their head to the financial terrorism and atrocities committed against Minority Females and Labor. When Foreclosurepedia reported upon Mickey Snow, the man whom provided millions of dollars of work to NAMFS members, Eric Miller did not blink an eye at the charges and ultimate conviction for multiple rapes of the female children Snow preyed upon. When NAMFS Board Member Heather Berghorst defrauded millions of dollars from Minority Females and Labor, Miller never removed her from the Board nor NAMFS as a member. Adam Buczek and Buczek Enterprises, whom defrauded yet more millions from Minority Females and Labor is back again still given safe haven by NAMFS. And when proof the the fraud, waste, and abuse was testified to in the National Field Network Involuntary Bankruptcy, Walter and Elizabeth Cole did everything in their power to keep the depositions secret.

Where does it end? Well, Foreclosurepedia appears in federal court on the 22nd of this month petitioning for the release of those depositions to make the American Public aware of truly how horrendous the unregulated Mortgage Field Services Industry has become. You can do your part, as well, by refusing to continue paying NAMFS dues and coming forward with your testimony. You can reach out to Justis Smith and tell her that you do not approve of her selection of Brett Rockwell and demand that Smith step down as NAMFS President. And assist Foreclosurepedia by supporting our Mission of No Contractor Left Behind by selecting a product below!


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