Eric Miller And The Silver Box

Eric Miller, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director, has a lot on his mind these days. Fact of the matter is that both he and NAMFS are The 2015 NAMFS #FraudFest is, surprisingly the least of his worries. Foreclosurepedia was one of the initial Miller Boxinvestigative teams whom first began pouring through the Ashley Madison hacking dumps which the hacking crew, Impact Team, so graciously made available. For those of you whom are not familiar with the website Ashley Madison is a massive dating site that claims 40 million users. The site is specifically for those who want to cheat on their spouse. Recently, it was hacked. Last week, the hackers began publishing user’s information and the dumped data. There were roughly 28 million men to 5 million woman, according to the gender field in the database (with 2 million undetermined). The data dumps include the full name, email, and password hash fields as you’d expect. It also included dating information, like height, weight, and so forth. The dumps also contain addresses, as well as GPS coordinates. To download the data you will need a Torrent Client. Feel free to reach out and I will walk you through how to use one.

The photo above was taken at this year’s 2015 NAMFS #FraudFest. Many have been inquiring about the little, silver box Miller was toting around with him. While Foreclosurepedia is in receipt of a plethora of photos both from inside the #FraudFest as well as the #SwampFloat, for the time being we are staying quiet.

Now, all bullshit aside, anyone willing to take a guess not whether or not any NAMFS Member’s names or employee’s names will be in the dump? Or, rather how many NAMFS Offender Members will be in the dump? Yeah, it is going to be a BEAUTIFUL thing! And make no mistake whatsoever, when Foreclosurepedia finalizes the tally, we are going to make public not only the names of those in the dumps, but we are going to make sure that their families are made aware as well. Why? Well, hell, because we are all about transparency, you see.

At Least NAMFS Members Will Be In Good Company

At Least Any Identified NAMFS Members Will Be In Good Company

In light of the recent recurrent fraud at the hands of repeat National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members, people like myself are asking whether or not chemical castration might be a solution for curbing the predatory actions which NAMFS Offender Members like Micheal Breese, HomeStar Property Solutions, display when they refuse to pay Labor the money they owe. Chemical castration has been an option and has been found to reduce the risk of reoffending after release or post prison supervision by providing certain sex offenders with hormone or anti-androgen, such as medroxyprogesterone acetate, injections. Sexual predators appear to target those whom are unable to defend themselves and as the offenders appear to get both a sense of satisfaction and elation upon committing their offense, so to it would appear, to me at least, that NAMFS Offender Members exhibit many of the same characteristics. NAMFS Offender Members whom have defrauded the innocent men and women of Labor — and there is no arguing the fact that this is ongoing and Eric Miller refuses to stop it — prey upon those whom cannot defend themselves. NAMFS Offender Members appear to find an elevated sense of arousal upon gaining a tremendous amount of money and a thrill from that illicit gain being illegal — Jay Goscinski and his flaunting of his ill gotten gains on Facebook is one of hundreds of demonstrative cases.  and finally, NAMFS Offender Members are most assuredly predators by definition. An easier solution would be for NAMFS Offender Members simply pay the monies which they owe, but Eric Miller never has and apparently never will force his Membership to abide by the law as it appears to me.

Foreclosurepedia would like to know your thoughts on this. Do you believe that a Petition should be started to have those NAMFS Offender Members whom defraud Labor be given the choice of either paying the debts they owe or submit to chemical castration?

We will follow up later tomorrow with some deep insights with respect to the 2015 NAMFS #FraudFest, in all of its glory. And to be sure, we have the official list of those whom were hand selected by Eric Miller for the Election Process. Several of them have ISTAR Clear Base files as long as I- 70. Make no mistake whatsoever we are going to make sure that the American Public is up to speed on they and the enrichment of their families while the innocent men and women of Labor foot the bill. There was, at least, one good thing: NAMFS Rank and File did not have to beg for water as refreshments were served. So, even though NAMFS lost SEVENTY THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS this year, water was provided. Perhaps Eric Miller will donate some of that ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DOLLARS — which the amount is for 2014 and most assuredly has risen for 2015 — to the cause. I mean, after all, it only consumes NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES.

In closing, I do want to make note of the fact that Eric Miller did cause to be delivered via certified mail the NAMFS IRS Form 990 and in addition the Business License and Letter of Determination for the NAMFS Foundation. NAMFS, itself, does NOT have a Letter of Determination.


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