Amanda Buczek: Fraud Follows Her Just Like Robert Kapeluch

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Just about everyone remembers Amanda Buczek whom along with her brother Adam Buczek defrauded over ONE MILLION DOLLARS from the innocent men and women of Labor while onboard at Buczek Enterprises. Eric Miller, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director, was advised of the fraud for more than a year and refused to do anything. It is the opinion of this writer that Miller was at best complicit in allowing the fraud to continue by not intervening as the NAMFS By Laws required and more probably received monetary or aid in kind favors from the Buczek Family, a NAMFS Legacy Member, for ensuring that the Buczek’s were never investigated under Ethics Hearings by NAMFS.

Amanda Buczek, similar to Robert Kapeluch, seems to know how to worm out of paying what they owe. Kapeluch, we are told, has already collapsed Tower Preservation, a firm with the Newkirk’s had invested in, and now works at roughly $100K per year for his brother upon Safeguard Properties jobs.

When Amanda left Buczek Enterprises along with her spurious partnership with National Field Network (NFN) she went on to work at Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS). Foreclosurepedia sounded the alarm bell; however, it appears that it was too little, too late as HousingWire reported upon the horrific fraud which has recently been committed by Buczek’s employer. Buczek, was the Regional Production Director for RMS which puts her directly in the line of fire with respect to many of the allegations Walter Investment Management Corp. (WAC) paid to have settled. Precisely how Amanda Buczek was capable of getting a mortgage license after defrauding over ONE MILLION DOLLARS is unknown; however, as we have seen with multiple NAMFS Offender Members, there appears to be the Eric Holder Wink and a Nod environment to allow these criminals to permeate the very fiber of American Society and in the case of Buczek, have access to society’s most vulnerable, the elderly. I am confident in my opinion that Miller is supportive of Buczek’s latest endeavors as destroying the lives of the elderly do not seem to concern he nor his family provided that they continue to be enriched with the ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER YEAR SALARY WHICH CONSUMES NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES.

Walter Investment Management Corp. (WAC) will pay $29.63 million in fines for violations of the False Claims Act to settle charges brought by the Department of Justice, which accused several Walter Investment subsidiaries of submitting false reverse mortgage claims to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The settlement was announced by the Justice Department Friday. According to the DOJ, Walter Investment subsidiaries Reverse Mortgage Solution Inc.,REO Management Solutions and RMS Asset Management Solutions violated the False Claims Act in connection with their participation in HUD’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgages program.

What we are seeing is the steady progression of NAMFS Offender Member fraud beginning to worm its way into multiple aspects of the financial sector. If left unchecked, the proliferation of the Miller Regime supported fraud will ultimately infect the entire Mortgage Field Services Industry including the Servicing Sector. Please stand with Foreclosurepedia today and support our solo battle against the multimillion dollar vampire squids. Please donate to us today and help us in our No Contractor Left Behind Campaign.

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