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Corporate Excesses, Felons and Music: The Band Played On

In an Industry which seems to require more and more  of a price reduction by Contractors we are working on several stories delving into the obscene Corporate Excesses being flaunted by many United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Prime Vendors and both Regional and National pre conveyance Contract Holders.

A legitimate question to ask is why are more and more Corporate Executives in the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) having their names show up on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Manifests for private jets.  Even more so, the Association lording over them and non members alike through their entry into the Insurance Industry, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), has been on a spending spree which has a meteoric trajectory!

The Industry, of late, seems to have its brain wrapped up in the truly sad mentality that put it in the crosshairs of both the Mainstream Media and the American Public.  Daily reports are coming in documenting the fraud perpetrated upon Contractors on an ongoing basis.  While megalithic businesses such as Safeguard Properties continues to churn out demand after demand after demand against Contractors they and others apparently are turning a blind eye to the wanted and convicted felons in the ranks of the Order Mills whom churn out the orders.  Most recently, accusations have been leveled against CooperCitiWest for employing folks with criminal histories and refusing to pay Contractors for services rendered upon Contracts they had oversight upon.  Perceived conflict of interests aside based upon previous high level HUD employment, CooperCitiWest has long been under a cloud of suspicion with respect to the HUD M&M III documented on here earlier.

Yet a new Company gaining attention is Innotion.  We all remember our reporting on here discussing the HUD Office of Inspector will millingGeneral’s Report  against Innotion.  Apparently, Innotion learned nothing.  We are working on a HUGE story detailing their most recent endeavors with REAMS LLC.  Sources have revealed what appears to be an incredibly questionable proxy by and through Will Milling.  Even as I type this there is a flurry of activity going on between Amos Alexander, Innotion’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Al Espinoza the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  While migrating billing away from REAMS LLC and shutting down the operation, the documents left a paper trail as wide as the path of a Midwest Tornado!  Why, you might ask, did the Minority Owned, 8(a) business based out of Lithonia, GA, not make the cut?  It didn’t clear enough profit.  For those of you whom follow the Connect the Dots Game here you may remember Al from the HUD OIG Report mentioned earlier as he contradicted HUD’s Claim of nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN POTENTIAL LIABILITY against Innotion.  Did I forget to mention Innotion got a RAISE during the same point in time?!

Folks, this is the just the outside of the Rabbit Hole!  We are currently receiving so many emails and documents that we have had to set up a mirror server off shore to ensure the integrity of the material.  We literally have YEARS of material to write upon received in just the last month.  As one Source put it,

I would rather be in front of this thing then looking for a chair when the music ends.  We both know that Elvis has already left the building.

Finally, we are going to begin moving a tremendous amount of our information over to the Anonymous News Platform.  We have recently obtained some disturbing internal memos discussing the next wave of attacks against me.  We all remember the NAMFS fumbled attempt to chill my First Amendment Rights by Eric Miller and Ryan Kuchmaner, the lawyer at the firm with over 30+ lawyers whom opted to display the “in your face” Letterhead.  Well, it would appear that the Industry has not figured out that threatening and intimidating members of the Media is not a wise move ESPECIALLY when we see what a fiasco has become of the current Obama Administration’s attacks against James Rosen.  While the US Government may or may not have the legal right to investigate and then threaten journalists the Property Preservation Industry absolutely does NOT!  Make no mistake that these documents have been archived and should they be shown to have been destroyed during a Process of Discovery, the stakes will have gone from civil to criminal.

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