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Contractors: Why Most Will Never Make It After The Restructure

For a long time I have stated that most Contractors in the Property Preservation Industry would never make it in the real world. I stated, last year, that around 80% (and that is conservative) of Contractors do not belong in the Industry. A good percentage of those, though, are Order Mills.

I received an email from a former C Level Source whom stated that many of the Contractors are afraid to go public with precisely what they are owed because they fear they will never be paid.

This is some Mafia kind of shit. I mean this mentality is no different than saying, “The neighbor is filming child porn. Maybe if I close my blinds, my child will never be impacted.” Let me get this straight: Those Contractors out there whom are too weak to get their money figure that by keeping their bloody nose hidden will somehow get them paid?! Battered Wives Syndrome 101 folks.

I was advised not to write this Article, but have I ever listened to many folks? No. Here is the reality: If you allow a school bully to continue to take your lunch money, you not only go hungry, but the bully gets more bold and attacks others. Now, everyone has their own way of getting paid. If I am owed money I will come to your house and collect — period. Make some calls if you think I am joking. I am not the Industry’s bitch. I do not recommend that for most of you unless you have plenty of bond money. I do.

I am incensed that the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services feel so untouchable that they just bully honest, hard working Contractors around. Frankly, I have little respect for people whom loose their money and yet I have absolutely NO respect for the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services whom defraud Contractors.

My father-in-law was recently screwed by an Order Mill hired by a US Department of Housing and Urban Development Prime Vendor. Nearly 80 days later he was paid MINUS several hundred dollars. They are local and I will catch them out on the block. The Prime Vendor stated it was not their doing; that they wanted their names and would investigate. Hmnn. Goes back, fundamentally to why hire an Order Mill when you had perfectly good Contractors whom had a track record to begin with?!

So, Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services ensure that if you participate in your First Amendment Rights you get no work. I am a prime example. Crystal Mills, whom has nothing to do with me or my Blog, is another example. Well, I am putting Eric Miller on Notice personally that it is illegal to threaten and intimidate witnesses in potential civil rights investigations. What, Eric? You do not believe that Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services blackballing Contractors whom speak out against what I see to be as your criminal enterprise is threatening or intimidating? I do. See, that is precisely what this is. If you say you are owed money, you do not get paid. SEAS LLC was actually ignorant enough to put that into their Contract. Altisource supports it as they continue to slam SEAS LLC with work.

Let’s all walk down how this plays out. If you hold a federal contract and you refuse to give work to someone based upon them associating with someone else you will loose your Contract. That is called discrimination. If you blackball someone from the Industry — it is not hard at all to prove that — you may be sued.

See, I was actually thinking about that for retirement purposes. Crystal Mills was black balled from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Contract as well as from Field Asset Services. I aim to straighten that out barring those Parties coming to an accord.

Make no mistake whatsoever, when you hold others accountable for that which I write — it is not just Crystal that Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services are discriminating against — I am going to report upon it. So, you really have to ask yourselves is blackballing a Contractor — ANY CONTRACTOR — worth it on Contracts which deal with Interstate Commerce?

We have finally partnered with a Collections Bureau whom is able to file Collections Proceedings and make entries into the Credit Reporting Bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, etc). So, for those Contractors not wanting to go public, this may very well be the course of action to take. The concept is pretty clear cut.

Most of these Order Mills rely upon their Tax Identification Number (really your social security number as it tracks against your personal credit) for credit reporting. In the same way that a foreclosure or failure to pay a bill begins to ruin your credit, so does a filing against a Tax Identification Number. Most of these Order Mills will never show up in your jurisdiction — see, that is where the bill is due — NOT WHERE THE WORK WAS PERFORMED. So, in the same way that these Order Mills attempt to destroy your lives by not paying, you now have a legal means to destroy their lives. This applies to the DUNS Number as well, folks.

The reality is that this Industry is never going to change. The Eric Miller types of the world could care less that your child is sick and Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services are not paying you. Boyd Property Preservation is a classic case-in-point. Eric Miller did absolutely nothing. He pissed up a rope. At least his legacy will follow him forever on Google.

Foreclosurepedia realizes that many Contractors do not have the stomach to stand up for what is right. Truth be told, I probably only know of about ten Contractors whom actually do their own work. Oh, everyone wants to pretend they do their own work, but the reality is that even when I founded the National Property Preservation Guild I only spoke with two or three folks whom did.

When you get to where you are owed tens of thousands of dollars, you are either stupid or an Order Mill. I have little sympathy for the stupid and zero sympathy for the Order Mills. Both are the reason that the Industry is so f*cked up today.

While it may not be always popular to do the right thing, history remembers it. You Contractors out there whom want to bury your collective heads in the sand have only yourselves to blame. Ask yourself this: If they didn’t already pay you why would they now?! At the end of the day there is absolutely no difference between these types of blackballing policies instituted by Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and Nazi Germany’s stripping away of the Jewish Freedoms while the World stood by. Ironic, on would think, when Robert Klein and Amir Jaffa reflect upon all of the Free Speech they demand on behalf of their Religion and yet when the tables are turned this is the end result.

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