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Contractors Used As Money Pawns By The Order Mills And Law Firms

What a completely sick and demented Industry we are in. With hourly email updates from Contractors whom have gotten the shaft from Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, I am now receiving a deluge of emails and phone calls from Contractors about two law firms whom are circling like vultures.

I just got off the phone with a Contractor down South whom stated he had spoken with attorney Karen Leser – Grenon of Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller and Shah (SFMS). It would appear that the Contractor, along with quite a few others, is having a problem with getting some basic questions answered. Now, I know that with all the ambulance chasing going on it is hard to stay up on Canons of Ethics and all, but why not answer basic and fundamental questions with specificity to that which your website is advertising to sue upon?!

You may see here that Leser – Grenon and the rest of her ilk are moving hot on the trail to fatten up their wallets. I was ready to enter the fray; to pursue justice, and SFMS refused to ever even contact me with specificity to the Class Action. You have to love that! A Class Action wherein the lawyers refuse to allow ALL MEMBERS OF A POTENTIAL CLASS to meaningfully participate. I really don’t even need to rely upon Contractors, though, to make my case against Leser – Grenon. Lesor – Grenon sent me an email that didn’t even have the time to say hello — it was an immediate request for NAMES. Yup, no interest in information, just give me the NAMES of your Sources. Wasn’t any different with the Contractor whom has asked for quite some time whether or not there is any ramifications for suing these Order Mills. You want to talk about malpractice! Refusing to advise your Client about ramifications is the lynchpin of malpractice and has been the grounds for countless disbarment hearings over the years. Hey, Karen (sounds like Plankton on SpongeBob), why not answer the Contractor’s questions?! So, here is what Karen wrote me, in part,

[Redacted] mentioned you were contacted by a few firms.  If you can recall and want to share the names with me, that’s great.

As in all things my reply was visceral and to the point. Leser – Grenon’s attitude, though, is similar to that over at Duckworth, Peters, Lebowitz Olivier (DPLO). As a side note, have you ever sat down and wondered about the true audacity of these ambulance chasers; all these names strung together like a melange in a proprietary chemical formula, that these people whom are going to profit from your information are so similar to the very same Mortgage Field Services Industry which is defrauding you now?!

I digress. DPLO has been chiseling at Field Asset Services, now Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS), for a couple of years now. My hunch is that the more time you spend the more billing you are able to justify. The truth of the matter, though, is there is no interest in justice — these people simply want money AND LOTS OF IT! Let’s not bullshit around, with ample evidence of criminal misconduct, DPLO has turned a blind eye to liaising with their prosecutor colleagues; DPLO has simply stayed the course to make sure the fucking billing is high and constant.

The new novelty in these two law firm’s quest for the gold — and that is literal gold, not proverbial — is the Whistle Blower’s Angle. Now, out of compassion for the Contractor I am not going to name … yet … what Order Mill and Financial Institution is the Mark. I use the word Mark because Leser – Grenon came off as cheap and unrefined product of poverty vis-a-vis nouveau riche. She has searched out her Mondeo Man and began slapping lipstick on the pig. Fuck the fact she is an Officer of the Court; screw the fact that Monique Olivier over at DPLO had a promising record as an advocate of the consumer, both of these ladies seem more preoccupied with the identical feeding at the trough mentality that the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills have.

Contrary to popular opinion that I want a Scorched Earth Policy at any cost in the Industry, I am contemplating outing these Firms and their proxy liberal feminists for precisely what they strike me as — money grubbing scum. I will guarantee you the fact that MY TAX DOLLARS SENT THESE HACKS TO LAW SCHOOL! The Return on Investment I am realizing is deleterious at best and quite possibly conspiratorial in the worst case.

Until both of these law firms, Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller and Shah and Duckworth, Peters, Lebowitz Olivier, decide to be a bit more transparent; until both Olivier and Leser – Grenon (I hate feminists whom are so above everyone else that they belabor the maiden with the married to pretend they are above the rest of us) decide to remember their Oath to Defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic, I am going to begin to assist the very Firms they are attempting to fleece. Unlike Olivier and Lesor – Grenon, I am committed to bringing the guilty to justice.

If you are a Contractor contemplating suit by and through these Firms — OR ANY FIRM FOR THAT MATTER — I recommend that they reach out to their District Attorney’s and the US Attorney General. Unless and until SFMS and DPLO come clean in precisely what they want — BESIDES MONEY MADE OFF OF CONTRACTOR’S BACKS — my opinion is that they should be considered suspect and potentially willing to strike deals with the very same National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills they allege to be suing.

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