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Icon Sets For ISTAR Fusion Mapping System

Running through a few more tests. Ultimately, the Markers will all be color coded to align with the Order Mills whom are not paying Contractors. The Info Boxes, which you get by simply clicking any one of the Markers, will have the Financial Institution and/or Portfolio Holder’s Name along with the debts outstanding. Simply type in 13502 for the zip code and then say, 25 Mile Radius to really get the feel for where we are going! Drag the Man Icon over onto the Map Point to see the house itself!

As you are able to see, we are now Creating the Category System which will eventually cover all National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Members first and then National, Regional and Otherwise Specified Order Mills later. This will allow both potential home owners and investors; Contractors and US Government Officials to rapidly identify the Offenders early on.  — Can you Hear Me Now Eric Miller?!

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