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Adam Buczek To Contractors: Social Media Made Me Do It!

Our Podcast finished streaming a moment ago and is uploading to the Foreclosurepedia iTunes Podcast. Our Interview reveals the allegations that National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member and Managing Partner of Buczek Enterprises Adam Buczek stated, “Upon advice of Counsel I cannot pay any debts to Contractors because of Social Media.” You have to be shitting me! You have a legal Contract; owe hundreds of thousands of dollars upon Bank Owned Properties, but your lawyer said don’t pay because your balls got bruised in Social Media?! What’s next in the Twinkie Defense line up, “I cannot pay my mortgage and light bill because someone hurt my feelings on Facebook,”?!

Check back around 2100EDT for the Podcast Stream on here. It is the first of MANY MORE we are finally getting uploaded to both iTunes and Amazon.

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