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Contractor To Begin Liens Today Against Buczek Enterprises

The first of over 500 Liens are to be filed today by a Contractor upon Altisource Properties. Altisource, a subsidiary of Ocwen had hired Buczek Enterprises as an Order Mill and empowered them to find Contractors to perform a plethora of Mortgage Field Services Industry tasks upon Foreclosed Homes. Altisource and Buczek Enterprises, both Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, have balked at paying Contractors, including the one filing liens, to date. Altisource’s position is that they paid Buczek Enterprises and Buczek Enterprises position appears to be face down and ass up as they have not Publicly Released any reason for not paying.

I see, well, tomorrow we sending the first notice for the Liens because they wont answer us what so ever. Once, I start this process, I wont be backing down. The roller coaster starts tomorrow.I worked in over 500’s homes its going to be a long process but at the end I will be happy I did it. They could care less for any of us. And finally someone has to stand up and show them that we can. I am getting every cent back with interest and filing fees. Those $50,000 they owe me can double. I will take it as a return on my investment.

Macbeth Dalman —  Sent from my Verizon Wireless Mobile Office

It really should come as no surprise that Contractors are, once again, being forced down the Cattle Shoot due to what would appear to be a miserable failure on Altisource’s part of performing due diligence. Time and time again, I have documented on Foreclosurepedia NAMFS Regime National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills sucking the very life blood out of Contractors.

How many of you have dealt with OCWEN, on a short sale? How many of you know what OCWEN is now doing on short sales? Yeah, other than not approvinig them. What else are they doing on short sales? OCWEN created a new procedure that they have just started to roll out in Florida, and I have not figured out why or where, or when, or which loan applies, but I have one of my clients that is going through this right now. There is company called Altisource how many of you know what I’m talking about? Altisource owns a website called Hubzu. Hubzu is an auction website, Real Home Services & Solutions is a subsidiary of Altisource, so what happens is Real Home Services and Solutions lists the property on Hubzu, through Altisource.

Yeah, good ‘ol Ocwen. Altisource has, for the most part quietly weathered the storm. My Source got cold feet; his thin skin was a contribution to it I am sure. Will he sue? Shit, I sure the fuck hope so! Then I can track where he sent all my emails! Damn, want to talk about Reunion! Saber rattling aside, the reality is that Ocwen and Altisource are in a huge world of shit — especially with Dodd – Frank in play now. When you look at the Map below (and remember it isn’t even a full ONE PERCENT completed yet) you start to get a feeling of a Fully Populated Zombie Apocalypse Map in the near future. I mean, one might even think that someone would have bought a website and dedicated it COMPLETELY TO MAPPING Potential Contractor Liens — yup, I did! It will go live towards the end of April as I want to get all EIGHTY FOUR THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN Potential Liens fully populated and searchable by Order Mill, Portfolio Holder, Financial Institution and Broker(s). Here, take a look at one of the FINE Ocwen Homes for sale lately.

I actually got a call from a Broker today on one of the Properties listed on the Map below and she was livid! Said something like, “You are ruining the price! How am I supposed to sell with you doing this! I demand you take this down immediately!” I referred her to Buczek Enterprises. Funny, she called back and was REALLY PISSED OFF because she said she couldn’t get a hold of the “manager assigned” to the Property. I laughed; she became irate. I finally told her that the address comes down when the Contractor whom sent me the address sends a Notarized Affidavit stating they had been paid. She hung up.

One would think with all the bullshit Ocwen is in vis-a-vis their Monty Hall Portfolio deals, they might want to keep Altisource on a short leash — especially in Upstate New York. Oh, hell no! Ask any Buczek Contractor and they will lay it on thick and deep. With a fire in the main engine room, Ocwen seems hellbent on ensuring Altisource and other NAMFS Regime Members do everything in their power to fuck Contractors.

Regulators and investors, which actually own most of the loans Ocwen services, are also questioning the unusual arrangements between Ocwen — “new co” backward — and four other publicly traded companies where Mr. Erbey is chairman. The companies do things from buying up delinquent loans to renting out foreclosed houses.

For example, Ocwen and a spinoff, Altisource Portfolio Solutions, were employing the same chief risk officer, who was reporting directly to Mr. Erbey in both capacities, according to New York’s top banking regulator.

Shit, Altisource has a risk officer? Must be out smoking crack with Eric Miller, Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime. I mean, the only way these two types of people are able to justify making money by and through atrocities committed against Contractors is to be high! This is some straight up #RobFord Action, baby!

Hey, so I lost a Source at Altisource. Great guy, but real phone shy. I mean, let’s think about this for a minute. Here this guy has a Reporter whom contacts him and says, “Rome is burning.” Time and again, the reaction pretty much was not to put out the fire, but to move it elsewhere. No bullshit. Let’s look at Berghorst Enterprises — Yeah, that’s Debbie Buczek’s #BFF and fellow NAMFS Regime Mouthpiece cum trenchant Secretary with a Hatchet at the NAMFS Regime — and Altisource’s response — ZERO! Oh, the only reason Altisource isn’t keeping the home fires burning is that she has collapsed for all intents and purposes much like Carol Boyd whom is now plying her wares from home.

These sanctimonious blow hards make me nauseated. Literally — shit I probably should take a selfie of me downing my Pepto with my Guy Fawkes Mask on. Self preservation is THE ONLY REASON ALTISOURCE EVER made a single, solitary move on my information. How about good ‘ol Cheap Suit Jay?! Yeah, NAMFS Regime parading around that Altisource issued Poets and such praising Cheap Suit Jay. Did they? Well, why don’t you call Altisource and ask them if they HAVE EVER PUBLICLY SUPPORTED ANYONE FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE NAMFS REGIME!

The you have ‘ol Eric “You Ain’t Got No Proof” Miller. I mean a Hollywood talent agent would have been hard pressed to get a better stool pigeon to stand in at the Big Texas NAMFS Regime Love Fest last month. What a pompous loop. Stumbling over every other word and spewing his vile venom at NAMFS Rank and File to NEVER — USE THE WORDS BOOTS ON THE GROUND. What a pompous sycophant. Miller, hello?! The Boots on the Ground create the ability for you to get paid for protecting your NAMFS Regime Members from persecution — or prosecution depending on how you look at it — for their atrocities and Crimes Against Humanity! Buczek Enterprises anyone? Oh, my bad. Eric Miller doesn’t accept Liberty Coins and probably had best not take an HSBC Credit Card from Shane or Dan.

So, when the Liens get filed we are hopeful the Contractor will send over the Docket Info. I actually would be interested in flying up to New York and help organize a Community Protest. Hell, a good old fashioned Civil Rights March to the Court House via Derby, New York; I mean HUGE SIGNS AND BANNERS! You know, roast a hog at the end of the day and burn effigies and all like Palestine. Shit, make it a National Day of Mourning. Poor Amanda Lynn Burke Buczek having to starve her kids to pay the Contractors — hell, I have yet to see any of these payments that are taking food off the table.

I like this. I mean we could get all Monty Hall about it and shit. You know, Let’s Make a Deal! Adam Buczek will give you 50 Liberty Coins for every $150 dollars you knock off the bill and shit. Hell, have Adam’s sister, Amanda Buczek Lewis pass them out like good ‘ol days. Yeah, I get all fucking warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Might even invite a Buffalo Police Officer out to carry around a Miranda Card to help the Buczek’s feel right at home — literally! Reunited ’cause it feels so good …

Yeah, well it is what it is. The Buczek’s have made it a Family Tradition of screwing people for decades. Shane and HSBC; Amanda and Adam at Buczek Enterprises. I mean did these people really, REALLY think that when they decided to throw a match into a pile of gasoline that nothing was going to happen? They fucked Contractors and then went for my family?! Jesus! You want to talk about delusional thinking. Well, maybe not. I mean pops is all about the Bail Outs being heresy — odd, as the Bail Outs paid his way for quite sometime. It’s that fundamental militia mentality. No, it is that Good ‘Ol Boy NAMFS Regime Mentality.

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