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The Foreclosurepedia Contractor Benevolence Fund Begins To Help Buczek Enterprises Victims

We received word today of a Contractor in dire straits as a direct result of Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, not paying them for months. What did Foreclosurepedia do? We sent them money! That money came from the Foreclosurepedia Contractor Benevolence Fund. It is beyond a tragedy; it is criminal in my opinion, when rich people destroy lives of those whom are less fortunate for sport.

From: Gary <xxxxxxxxx>
Date: March 31, 2014 at 7:01:37 PM EDT
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:Are u still there

[Redacted] I have reached out to try and resolve you seem to be the only one who really seem to care I have been as patient as I think one could be but with zero cense of resolve I was told by Adam Friday afternoon 2 pm to be exact that he would be issuing me a payment and have yet to receive a dime this is very disheartening as I have a family to support and no funds to do so my power was shut off and I need some kind of resolution ASAP

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Foreclosurepedia established the Foreclosurepedia Contractor Benevolence Fund as a direct result of the atrocities being committed against Buczek Enterprises victims. Both Members and Non Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) have been contributing to this Fund. And we use real money as opposed to Liberty Coins!

While Eric Miller, Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime lies supine collecting OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH CONSUMES NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS REGIME MEMBER DUES--- MAYBE MORE WITH THE NAMFS REGIME LOSSES NOW --- innocent men, women and children are now without food, heat and power.

Even in war torn and Communist Societies I have never laid eyes upon the evil which has been displayed by Adam Buczek vis-a-vis his continued refusal to pay Contractors. To date, Buczek Enterprises has CATEGORICALLY REF-- USED TO MAKE A PUBLIC STATEMENT as to why they refuse to pay in accordance with Contractual Agreements even though pay has already been received for Work Orders on their part.

When people like Adam and Amanda Buczek are protected by people like Eric Miller; when the NAMFS Regime holds no Member accountable to the NAMFS Regime By Laws, Canons and Standards --- specifically Canon 5 --- then the National Association of Mortgage Field Services becomes no better than the hacks.

We want to personally thank Bret Douglas, Owner and Founder of IronClad Preservation, for making the Foreclosurepedia Contractor Benevolence Fund a reality. Tonight, because of Douglas, a family in Upstate New Jersey had a warm meal for the first time in awhile. Douglas is the epitome of what Duty, Honor and Country stand for! When I approached Douglas and spoke with him about the idea he stepped to the plate IMMEDIATELY!

Let me be candid here: A good portion of NAMFS Rank and File are hard working folks whom are disillusioned with their Board of Directors. Now, I do not know Douglas' personal opinion on the Board as that is not my Mission here. I do know that many NAMFS Rank and File, though, would like to help; many are decent human beings and not like Buczek Enterprises nor any of the other predatory NAMFS Regime Members I have reported upon.

Folks, when you make a Donation to Foreclosurepedia you are able to indicate in the Message what you want the money to be applied to. Douglas did that and we responded. Many, though, may ask how it is that we identify people so that the same fraud which is in the NAMFS Regime does not taint the Foreclosurepedia Contractor Benevolence Fund. Good question.

First, a Contractor must approach us with proof that they are not being paid. When we verify that, we then request a Redacted Bill which proves that the Contractor is in need. We have attached one of the forms we use to track these types of requests below.

Do the right thing; help out your fellow Contractor today! Eric Miller and the rest of his sodden lot could give two shits whether or not a young child is cold or hungry tonight because a NAMFS Regime Fraudster is committing atrocities. By weeks end, the Foreclosurepedia Contractor Benevolence Fund will have COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY WITH LICENSED ACCOUNTANTS! And guess what, not a SINGLE NAMFS REGIME BOARD MEMBER allows that! Help us help the People! Stand with Foreclosurepedia and be a Friend of Labor today! Donate anything that you can. While we are not a Non Profit, none of us get paid for what we are doing --- can Eric Miller say that? Oh, my bad, he gets paid to protect the Fraudsters. Read below to view the ISTAR Forms...

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