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Bill Hicks Former AMS National Vendor Manager Sues AMS

The revolving door of insanity never ends when it comes to National Association of Mortgage Field Serivces (NAMFS) Regime Members. Take Bill Hicks, for example. Bill Hicks is the former National Vendor Manager for Asset Management Specialists (AMS). Many are probably familiar with our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Pending Against the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) known as 14-FI-R04-00894. During Hicks tenure at AMS it is alleged that a plethora of fraudulent billing was submitted to HUD. While HUD took a pass on ever investigating the Screen Shots submitted into the P260 while Ernie Stepovic (you might remember the Dalas, Inc. v. AMS, et al. case) and Lee Mertins were in power. He was also in power when Bill Christie and others were subjecting a rape victim in the AMS California office to horrendous treatment.

Hicks moved on over to Sentinel Field Services — packing along his Rolodex I am sure. That wasn’t enough, though. Seems Bill and Mary Hicks decided to fire off some litigation (sound like his former city days, huh) against Lee Mertins, Mary Taylor, Ernie Stepovic and AMS back in October, 2013. Much like Eric Miller, the legacy of the NAMFS Regime will always be that of fraud, corruption and deceit.

You know, it is tragic that all of these NAMFS Regime Members are now flopping around in the gutter like septic tanks overflowing. I mean what a bunch of pathetic excuses for humanity. The reality is that at Hicks’ age he really should be laid out to pasture. The further reality is that with the amounts of corruption that was ongoing at AMS it is going to be great to see both Concentric Equity Group and TDR Capital deep six they and Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) when that third of a billion dollar note (at seven percent interest) matures in a year or so.

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