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Cityside: Yeah At Least They Play Fair

We are going to start a series on Companies that we have found to be relatively decent to work for.  Now, with that said, Foreclosurepedia in no way, shape nor form endorses any particular FSM.  Quite honestly, they probably wouldn’t want ours nor the Guild’s Seal of Approval as both are viewed toxic in the Industry based upon our belief in organization.  With that said, we spoke the other day about A2zfs

We currently work for Cityside under the HUD 3.0 and have absolutely NOTHING bad to say about them! The pay is direct deposit and ALWAYS on time (it’s a bit hard to TTP (Time To Pay) as it comes out as a batch listing of work completed is our only complaint).  Documentation?  Man, you gotta check them out!  It takes me a quarter of the time to do their orders by way of comparison with other outfits!

The VMs we have encountered have always been polite, helpful and professional. Even the upper brass, by-in-large, communicate well and I am a difficult person to deal with.  The VMs are really your life blood at the end of the day.  As with most VMs, though, you need to have a smartphone to be able to email as the phones usually go to voicemail.  Hey, they are dealing with a high volume so what do you expect?!

We would say that these folks are pretty damn good to work for PROVIDED you have your act together. Always remember that, folks. Do it right on time, the first time and you will make a name for yourself and the orders will follow!

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