Cityside Begins HUD 3.6 Transition

We have been advised by Cityside that the new 6a Region is now being implemented.  Our Vendor Management Team we used to have in North Carolina are no longer in charge and we will be managed by new folks out of Michigan.

While we had anticipated the restructuring, we were rather disappointed in the brief email sent to us from Dan Hanson, Vice President of Field Service Operations for Cityside.  Candidly, it had the feel of a new set of orders being transmitted from GHQ.

While we here at Foreclosurepedia are familiar with HUD 3.6 most Contractors are not.  In fact, no FSM that we know of, to date, has taken the time to send an honest and descriptive email to any of their Contractors.  This, I feel, is rather unfair.  While the backroom board deals are ensuring Golden Parachutes, the Contractors are left out in the cold.  The tragedy of this is that it is generally the Contractors whom are left picking up the pieces.

I want to put a face to the tragedy in this post.  It is the holiday season now.  While suits and ties are preoccupied with vacation plans and tidying up their Christmas present lists, hard working men and women are unaware that come 01 January 2013, their world as they know it will suddenly come to an abrupt end.  These are mothers and fathers; sons and daughters.  They have hopes and dreams; aspirations for the future. Some have served their Country honorably to ensure that Free Market Enterprise is alive and well here.

I doubt that anyone at the Corporate level will read this; Sam Addlebraus whom lives on Oak Hollow Road in the Clinch Mountains of East Tennessee is not on the Company mailing list and did not donate to the right political party’s Campaign Fund.  Besides, Sam is a month behind on his power and his three year old son has a learning disability so what suit would want to be bothered by the likes of him?!

The pattern never changes folks.  I am not implying that Cityside does not care; I can only state what I received as an email.  I responded to that email, with both candor and vigor, to encourage them to notify the very same Contractors whom made the money they have.  To date, they have not replied back and will probably terminate us for invoking our First Amendment rights and shedding light on the seedy underbelly of Property Preservation.

Mark my words, though:  Contractors are beginning to embrace technology.  They are beginning to form Guilds and organize.  Looking to the future Contractors will one day, soon, have a voice in the decisions which impact them as they will have a Chair at the Roundtable.  Platitudes such as “…the Doctrine of Privity…” does not apply to you will be antiquated.



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