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Change Is In The Air And The NAMFS Regime Should Be Nervous

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime just cannot seem to win one lately. The most recent hit was against Heather Berghorst, NAMFS Regime Board of Director Member and Secretary. Regardless of the lies that Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime attempted to use to support his delusional beliefs, the reality is that the word is out his position may very well be next. Foreclosurepedia had predicted for months of Berghorst’s ultimate financial insolvency and lo and behold the Ponzi Scheme was revealed. As if Berghorst’s disgrace was not enough, it is becoming quite apparent that the financiers of the corrupt Mortgage Field Services Industry are running into some troubled patches of their own. The normally solid political rank and file which occupy the Beltway are beginning to fall off like flies.

Eric Cantor was a man whom had grown accustomed to his will not being questioned. Spending over $168,000 on steakhouses alone, Cantor must have felt pretty comfortable. I mean, after all, Cantor had the Blessing of the Blackstone Group LP with a whopping $65,500 in donations. Throw Blackstone employees, family and friends and you land $96,000. As many are aware, Blackstone’s subsidiary Invitation Homes (IH) is the gargantuan outfit gobbling up nearly 43,000 foreclosed homes and renting them back to many of the same foreclosure victims. More on that later this month.

Blackstone wasn’t the only looser, though. The toxic CitiGroup tossed in $54,750 with the Family and Friends program. Goldman Sachs? $88,500. New York University (NYU), normally a stalwart progressive haven, also tossed $43,400 into the fray. The reason for this is that the hedge fund outfits have been infiltrating many of the normally leftist organizations and their Boards by and through their donations. The end result is an America which is becoming more and more fed up with corruption. Cantor, Wall Street’s Number Two Investment, was a stinging defeat. To better understand the reality for Contractors whom continue to bury their heads up their asses and say they cannot take on Big Business, take a read here,

A look at each campaign’s spending in late March helps tell the tale. On March 25, Cantor wrote checks for $8,900 for private jet services, $6,700 for food for a fundraising event (the Washington, D.C. catering company’s website is currently touting its “Star Spangled & Sumptuous” menu, featuring chilled roasted salmon with cucumber banchan) and $1,017 for legal consulting from McGuire Woods. [Dave] Brat’s campaign had no expenses on March 25, but the day before, it spent $87 at WalMart on “office supplies.”

Brat brought in around $222,000 with NO PAC SUPPORT. Cantor had an enormous war chest which, including PACs, was around SEVEN MILLION FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS. Let that sink in for a moment. Cantor’s war chest was almost THIRTY FOUR TIMES AS LARGE as Brat’s. The reason I am belaboring this is to begin to show Contractors that many small donations, coupled together, can go a hell of a long ways!

Self anointed NAMFS Regime Minister of Propaganda Terry Platt is like Cantor with respect to the fact that enormous NAMFS Regime Members like SEAS LLC, National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS), Keystone Property Services (Keystoned) and Bret Douglas seem to be pouring inordinate amounts of cash into a Titanic.

Many may be wondering what I mean by change. Well, SEAS LLC, Keystoned and NMFS have all jumped on the QC University slush funding for Minister of Propaganda, Terry Platt. The only problem; a problem which the Banks encountered early on when wooing the Construction Sector, is that they are funding a liability nightmare. Here, let me give you an example,

Teacher Demo ID 4, Super User ID 5, Student Tester ID 25, Terry Platt ID 28, Karen Monaghan ID 55, Jesse Williams ID 79, Joe Hummel ID 80, Jeremy Voshall ID 81, Nick Smith ID 82. Victor Rios ID 85, Margaret Workman ID 86, Austyn Korpi ID 88, Regine Mitchell ID 89, Chantel Cornell ID 90, Michael Evangelo ID 92, Frank Constantino ID 96 and Nart Abiqwa ID 97.

The question is what do all these people have in common amongst quite a few others? They are all students of QC University. Their Names are openly Published with respect to precisely what classes they are associated with — poor Joe Hummel can’t seem to get anyone really for his Keystoned stuff.  🙁   Anyway, the ID Numbers are brought up in the Navigation Bars. Here, let me give you an example,

NAMFS Regime Members Funding of Insecure Education Platforms
NAMFS Regime Members Funding of Insecure Education Platforms

We have about 20 screenshots, but the above serves the purpose. Normally, I could give two shits, but I really want to communicate to people precisely what kind of world we live in. I also want to demonstrate why people at SEAS LLC, NMFS, Keystoned and the entire sodden lot could give two shits. To do this, we need to go deep down a Rabbit Hole where few go. As none of you whom read this are well versed in the TOR Project, we are going to send you to a clean URL that dovetails into TOR — TOR is the gateway to Dark Net for those of you living under a rock. This is the dox file on a Bailey McBride. She is simply a random file selected from the Doxbin. Politics aside; right or wrong, it exists and many of us believe that it serves a Higher Purpose in that sure there are some lulz going on, but many of the folks are some bad characters. Now that you have seen precisely where people’s information might end up, let’s talk about why it is a bad idea for the Minister of Propaganda to use Moodle — that’s the FREE SOFTWARE he uses — to store your information. Did I forget to mention that when you pay with a credit card, regardless of that third party bullshit, it is discoverable? Hmnn, anyway, let’s talk about the students,

I have never found a legitimate educational institution whom publicly releases information to the public about its students. One of the biggest reasons is that it puts them at odds with the Privacy Act of 1974. The Act aside, as everyone knows Minister of Propaganda, Terry Platt, is the FURTHEST THING from being legally credentialed, some of the concerns people should have is what if their information is being Mined? See, I do that for a living; I am an Information Miner.

People like Michael Evangelo, NMFS Owner, have a little bit more to be concerned about. The last thing Joe Badalamenti, owner of Five Brothers, needs right now is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) crawling up his asshole with a microscope. Evangelo could be giving CFPB that reason. This isn’t supposition. Here, let me walk you through the scenario,

If Evangelo is still dealing with Five Brothers, CFPB could potentially inquire as to why it is his subcontractor, NMFS, has education and testing for 1099 folks. That question would bring in folks from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and potentially the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) vis-a-vis the Service Contract Act (SCA). More on point, though, the expected participation by NMFS of its subcontractors subjects them to an unfair exposure of IP Address, Username, Password and a plethora of information stored within the Moodle SQL Databases (read the link if you want to understand) associated with the ID Numbers.

With respect to SEAS LLC, I expected no less. SEAS LLC has been loathe, for years, to hire legitimate Contractors. If they wanted legit 1099 people, why subject them to testing? More on point, though, SEAS LLC has always made their opinion clear with respect to Contractor’s Rights and the US Constitution: Ask ANYONE BUT SEAS LLC for your money and THEY WILL SUE YOU for FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Yup, straight in their Contract. Want to turn down work; I mean it’s not like slavery didn’t cease to exist after the Civil War or anything, and you are not allowed to. Yeah, no bullshit. So, yeah, I figured knowingly exposing Contractors to potential harm and injury through non secure portals and financing such was on par. I could go on, but am late for a conference call.

I could care less whom wants what education. It is a free country. This is a honeypot, though. First, Contractors are placed within the expectation that they participate. Second, Minister of Propaganda Terry Platt is such a penny pinching asshole that he is willing to expose Contractors to a significant amount of potential risk to save twenty fucking dollars?! That’s right, https could solve a hell of a lot of problems. Nothing new with the NAMFS Regime Members, though. These people would sell your mother to make a buck.

The only thing that seems to be changing is that NAMFS Regime Members are getting worse at attempting to expose Contractors to liability. Is Platt actually creating a known and documented Security Threat to ruin Contractors out of a deep seated hatred for them? If so, it would would explain his sudden departure from supporting Contractors in his initiation into the NAMFS Regime. The tide is turning, though. The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is under fire and Miller already knows his days are numbered. Not even his calls to Contractors are going to save his job.

The Terry Platt Show
The Terry Platt Show

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