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Cathy Baker Named As Director of the HUD M&M Program

As the Beltway burns down around like Nero’s private Bacchanalian dream, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has actually stepped up the pace with some critical hiring. In light of their recent Director of the Management and Marketing (M&M) program, Kimberlee Satterfield, only lasting several months, Cathy J Baker, HUD Ft Worth, has been tapped to take over. This is how it was put to Foreclosurepedia,

Cathy Baker in HUD’s Fort Worth office has assumed the role of Director, Southern Field Contracting Operations, and will have responsibility both for the Atlanta and Fort Worth contracting offices.

Foreclosurepedia reached out to Baker, in an attempt to understand how she views both the current M&M program and perhaps what she had in mind, going forward. No response was forthcoming. And while this is precisely how the Satterfield Regime began, the question remains whether or not HUD wants to simply continue the same blanket awards process which has become more formality than competition.

Fact of the matter is that HUD is experiencing a credibility problem. As the Guardian puts it,

Johnson Joy, the chief information officer at HUD, is part of a Christian not-for-profit in Texas with Naved Jafry, who quit as a HUD adviser after inquiries about his professional history. [Joy] runs an opaque religious charity with a colleague who resigned from the administration when the Guardian found he was accused of fraud and exaggerated his biography.

And Jafry — also known by Jafri and Jafari — joined a questionable set of people like Tony Chinye, a Nigerian born foreign national recently awarded millions by HUD through the Management and Marketing program now overseen by Baker. Chinye was awarded $147 Million by HUD for simply facilitating a straw man position on behalf of PK Management’s true operation of the M&M Field Service Manager (FSM) offering. Chinye didn’t even have a legitimate office and in fact operated out of a virtual office housing multiple businesses he ran. Tony Chinye is the co-owner of Strategic Alliance Management JV, LLC (SAMJV LLC). Chinye is a guy no one has ever heard of in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Chinye and Pedro Kolychkine, owner of PK Management, both own SAMJV LLC and used it to make a run on the HUD M&M FSM 3.10 Contract for Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

The Guardian investigation continued,

Jafry was contracted to work for Trump’s [US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)]. His government email signature said his title was senior adviser. Jafry said he used his role to advocate for “microcities”, where managers privately set their own laws and taxes away from central government control. He said he was a multimillionaire – an international property developer with a plan to fix America’s cities through radical privatization. He felt that Donald Trump’s administration was where he was meant to work. “It was a natural fit,” Naved Jafry said in an interview. Citing connections across the military, business and academia, he said: “I bring, and draw on, experiences from different areas of knowledge, like a polymath.”

The next paragraph is going to sound nearly identical to how National Association of Mortgage FIeld Services (NAMFS) members operate today,

In November 2013, a judge ordered Jafry and a fuel company he chaired to repay more than $800,000 to the family of Alfred Oglesby, a former NFL player and investor in the fuel firm, who died in 2009. Oglesby’s widow accused Jafry of fraud. Jafry has not paid the money. Debt collectors said they had been trying to locate him for years. — Emphasis added by Editor

Having arrived in the US in about 2005, Jafry was the subject of several other legal actions in Texas. Owners of gas stations that Jafry tried to buy sued him and his business associates, repeatedly accusing Jafry of fraud and breaching contracts. This leaves many wondering precisely what the length and breadth of corruption is at HUD. The alleged fines which were supposed to be a mandatory implementation in order to hold M&M FSM Awardees feet to the fire in order to ensure that US Taxpayers were appropriately protected appears to have done nothing — if the fines are even being implemented.  See, that’s the deal: HUD states that even though in any other federal contracting environment the American Public are allowed to know about the performance of Contract Awardees, at HUD, releasing this information might harm the offender. Let that sink in, for just a moment. HUD is paying millions of dollars to foreign nationals whom are NOT DOING THEIR JOB. Nigeria, Cuba, the whole communist bloc appears to be represented within the HUD M&M program. Why HUD refuses to allow the American Public to know the truth about the firms they awarded your hard earned tax dollars to, boggles my mind. I suppose if you are allowed to know about precisely how bad a job they are doing it might impact their ability TO CONTINUE DOING A BAD JOB! And honestly, I do not expect a lot of change to be forthcoming from Cathy J Baker, other than the typical business as usual which has tarnished Secretary Ben Carson for over a year. Foreclosurepedia most assuredly attempted to ask questions which previous Directors answered. Baker, though, is missing in action just like the rest of the dignity and honor which HUD used to demonstrate.

Here is how one real estate agent put it with respect to Sage, the front which PEMCO has used for years and HUD has been terrified to remove,

I wonder if you have ever heard of this company:  FRC, First Resource Consulting. It is essentially three people, Adam Reamer, former executive at MMREM; Nancy Sullivan, former directed of REO at HUD; Bill Cummings, a California broker, and president of his fathers company.

When Sage Acquisitions won the last M&M contract, this company, for a 17% referral fee, brought brokers on, and promised influence with Sage to: 1) Gain access to the network, and 2) Get more listings.

I am sure there are kickbacks to Sage.

Isn’t it illegal for a former HUD executive to peddle influence? Isn’t it illegal for an M&M vendor to accept kickbacks, even after laundered by this company, from brokers they hire? What a dirty business. I signed the agreement because they convinced me that there was no other way to get asset assignments. Then, the service they provided was a joke. It amounted to a monthly call, to see how much money I owed them.

The state of play in HUD is akin to doing business with Al Capone — Secretary Carson has become Capone. Pay to play. And HUD refuses to look into anything. In fact, here is a copy of a Whistleblower Lawsuit ongoing documenting identical scenarios with respect to pre and post conveyance mark ups. HUD says it is legal. The US Department of Justice and Fannie Mae say it isn’t.

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Looking familiar? It should. It reads like a body double of the Kelly Brown litigation that was spuriously put on ice. And if you notice, that filing was with the US DoJ as an Intervener! HUD’s position is the classic Three Monkey position — See Nothing, Here Nothing, Do Nothing.

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