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This entry is part 2 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire
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BREAKING NEWS: Mickey Snow An Alleged Felon And More

This entry is part 2 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire

For those of you whom reached out to Foreclosurepedia, including many former Snow Enterprises employees, thank you. This is simply a by line building up to the Series Foreclosurepedia will run entitled, Mickey Snow: How Eric Miller Could Have Prevented Rape. Speaking of rape, what we do know from a former C Level Snow Enterprises individual is that he alleged that two of the victims were age 13 and 15 and both had what would be considered to be mental handicaps. While Foreclosurepedia may choose to honor the Covenant between Journalist and Victim; while for the time being Foreclosurepedia will continue with the dog and pony show for awhile, we are going to ensure justice on behalf of those whom Snow and really the entire Mortgage Field Services Industry have injured. Fraud like Snow has committed and Eric Miller oversees; Miller whom continues to receive over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES to maintain his protection of these predators as I see it, ensures anonymity which is that which both the Mortgage Field Services Industry badly desires and the Financial Institutions demand. The fact of the matter is that the ages of the victims and their mental illness are indicative of precisely why  Eric Miller and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) must go and take Mickey Dale Snow with them! And more on point, Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) could have prevented all of this had he simply been willing to enforce Ethics Investigations against firms like Michaelson, Conner and Boul (MCS); Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS); Cityside Management; and others whom will come to light in a Made For TV drama. Foreclosurepedia discussed and predicted almost to the month which Indictments would come down the pike. More on point, though, this is only the first round. The Fiduciary Indictments and the wide array of NAMFS Regime Oligarchs which succumb to the final plunge of the dagger by the Obama Administration into the black, cold hearts of the automatons whom continue to carve up the human spirit like a Genetically Enhanced, fed on GMO products turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

What we know from our Source is that allegedly Mickey Dale Snow was convicted of Felony Level Insurance Fraud in Virginia. This statement was made by a C Level Snow Enterprises staffer. I am attempting to verify this and as Snow comes from a prominent Eden, NC, family I would wager that if this is a fact his records have been expunged. There is more than one way to skin an Order Mill Owner, though.

What we do know for certain is that which our Source opened up about. We know that there was no happy beginning and ultimately there will be no happy ending. There are two current locations where Mickey Dale Snow are hiding out and there is a good chance that Pon Hewitt, Snow’s lover knows precisely where as she may be with him. One is Florida and the other is the Philippine Islands (PI). Now, travel to the PI is logged and as we no longer have a Naval Station at Subic Bay (I made Port of Call there eons ago) and as there is an elevated risk associated with going to the sovereign nation where his wife is from: Terrorism. And make no mistake that if Snow believes that his shit is lily white he ought to pay a bit closer attention at Customs. You see that is where Boko Haram first sets their eyes upon Americans whom either are wealthy or have wealthy families. Mickey Dale Snow fits both those categories.

Now, Snow like most predators, decided to spread his seed amongst humanity. The by product of this was Russ and Katrina — Katrina is now Katrina Snow Ross. here is what a former Snow Enterprises staffer had to say about Katrina,

The rumor around the office was that she’d abruptly walked off her job as a school teacher in the middle of a school day, because she “couldn’t take any more of the brats”. Katrina always struck me as someone with untreated mental health issues and daddy issues. She was loud and always seemed anxious and in a fritz and a complete narcissist. I had a conversation with her once of which the general context was her disdain for children. This struck me as odd, since she was a teacher, and I remember being thankful at the time that my kids had not had her as a teacher.

And how was Russ perceived? Here is what another former Snow Enterprises employee had to say,

Russ was very…professional? I don’t really know a better word to describe him. He was so professional, it was a fault. I rarely saw him smile, and when I did it looked smug and forced. You couldn’t make jokes with him, you couldn’t talk about anything non-work related with him, and he was totally unapproachable. It was all business all the time. Yet, he gave off a vibe to me of being cold and calculating; always looked like he was up to something or had some hidden agenda. He was the one who actually fired me. Told me I didn’t seem to be happy there anymore, so he was terminating me immediately, would pay me through the end of the day but gather my belongings and leave now.

And hey Russ, that MD Racing bullshit? Yeah, make no mistake that when I begin to release not only the information on those whom you screwed as employees — there were several lawsuits on that — but also that which Jerry Klein made known, I would doubt that you could get sponsorship from the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

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