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This entry is part 15 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire
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Mickey Snow: Raping Labor Is Not Enough Get The Kids Too

This entry is part 15 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire

As early as late 2012, Foreclosurepedia was unwrapping the cesspool and the praise of which the Mortgage Field Services Industry had tacitly showered upon Mickey Snow and Snow Enterprises. To be clear, just about the only National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member whom would NOT fuck with Snow and his shakedown racket was A2Z Field Services. Going all the way back to some of the original US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contracts, Snow’s proclivity for both illegal business deals and illegal minors rang big and bold for those whom chose to observe.

Fact of the matter is that several years back I had the opportunity to speak with Snow’s former Operations Manger whom moved on to C Level staffing at Cityside — that is Cityside Management the recent HUD M&M 3.8 Awardee.

I have it all the way down to the deposit slips. Something is going to be done. I don’t know if some of us will get a good lawyer or what, but I do know his time will come. — Mickey Snow’s former Operations Manager.

The fact of the matter is that anything and everything I have witnessed involving the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has been unsavory and quite frankly unconscionable. With that said, this is simply yet another example of precisely why the pseudo self regulatory scheme which currently oversees the Mortgage Field Services Industry is broken; it is, prima facie, the fox watching the chicken house.

pedo club
Thomas “Tommy” Obie Woodall (left); Teresa Ann Vanover (center-top); Everett James Ferris Jr. (center-bottom); and Mickey Dale Snow

Mickey Dale Snow, 75, has been a long time Eden, North Carolina, resident. According to some there he owns the town. This feeling is probably based upon the fact that his net value versus the local and predominately rural Appalachian Community residents meager incomes create an ax to be ground. And now has never been one whom flaunting money troubles.

Snow and his family clan have ran Snow Enterprises for years now. The main portion of the shot calling now originates out of Ormond Beach, Florida. After a closing down of the guard in North Carolina, Snow did what all #Fraudsters do: He headed down to Florida and began getting #TeamRegime in full swing. SNOW ENTERPRISES SOUTHEAST LLC was the name he came up with as when he applied the State of Florida issued a Change of Name Requirement on 11 August 2009.

Larry Ballard, formerly at Michaelson Connor Boul (MCB), the former HUD Mortgagee Compliance Manager (MCM) under the HUD M&M; then at Cityside and now over A2Z Field Services gave Snow his first break by awarding inspections. Little did Ballard know that this might come back to haunt him as Ballard gave Snow the foothold in the Industry he has today.

The word on the bricks is that Snow has, for years, either worked sweetheart deals with both US Government and Financial Institution Awardees by and through bribery, graft and subtle inferences threatening the loss of Contracts which others held and Snow coveted.

Snow had been involved with CWIS LLC which is a shell of a company in my opinion. I base this observation upon the fact that a source speaking on condition of anonymity stated there were some interesting connections involved. One of the observations was that the Owner of CWIS LLC would defer to others when asked questions by HUD on the phone. Other recent exploits have been rumored to be with respect to PK Management. This weekend’s article will flesh out many of these and other details.

The Rockingham Update is reporting,

(Eden, NC) – The Eden Police Department is attempting to locate Mickey Dale Snow.

On Friday, September 25, 2015, As a result of a thorough follow up investigation and consultation with Rockingham County District Attorney Craig Blitzer, Eden Police Department Detective’s secured warrants for Mickey Snow’s arrest for six (6) counts of Statutory Sex Offense.  Detectives are currently attempting to locate and serve the outstanding warrants.

Snow, by and through a very intricate web of associates and cut outs, is rumored to have command and control over a plethora of dummy and straw man type entities. Snow Enterprises down in Florida is simply the first example. Now, where life gets just a little complicated is that Russ Snow is listed as the owner of the Snow Enterprises Southeast INC website. In fact, dear old Russ states that Snow Enterprises is based out of North Carolina.

Registry Registrant ID: GKG-C000005FD7
Registrant Name: Russ Snow
Registrant Organization: Snow Enterprises, LLC
Registrant Street: 698 Linden Dr., Ste 100F
Registrant City: Eden
Registrant State/Province: NC
Registrant Postal Code: 27288
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.3366237772
Registrant Fax: +1.3364324211

A simple perusal through his ISTAR File will open some eyes when it comes to our grandfatherly pedophile Mickey Snow.

Greensboro, North Carolina’s Fox 8 is reporting,

Thomas “Tommy” Obie Woodall, 66, was indicted on 12 counts of statutory sex offense and 12 counts of patronizing a prostitute; Teresa Ann Vanover, 52, was indicted on 24 counts of child abuse by prostitution and 24 counts of promoting prostitution; Everett James Ferris Jr., 67, was indicted on six counts of indecent liberties with a child and six counts of patronizing a prostitute; and Mickey Dale Snow, 75, was indicted on six counts of statutory sex offense and six counts of patronizing a prostitute.

We will have more on this fast breaking story over the weekend as one of our principle sources has been working at UPAMS, a Snow Enterprises half ass attempt at breaking into the data sector within the Industry.

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  1. It is disgusting that players within this industry allowed this POS to operate unchecked while committing these crimes…all the while people via NAMFS back door dealings have tried numerous times to shut me up using a 30 year old crime when I speak the truth about them…as if my crime 30 years ago justifies them violating state and federal laws today.

    • It’s my understanding that people did report (after I left) some of his doings from the HUD side of things to the appropriate agency, and no one from said agency did anything. I know he used to steal power meters and hook them up to “test” the vacant homes; even handed them out to some inspectors.

      I sued them through Federal Department of Labor. Once they figured out my attorney was all over their lies and backtracking, they offered settlement. I had a 10 lb. paper trail also. I also heard Mickey was sued in FL for sexual harassment and lost that case also.

  2. I worked for Snow for 13 years and as I’ve read these stories and the “unnamed” operations manager’s words I must say that I worked all over the country with he and his son and they are both great people. I’ve read all the stuff on this page and it appears that the EIC has personal issues or jealousy toward a man who has accomplished great things and been a beacon in Eden for his whole life. I understand upset former employees will talk trash and say things that may or may not be true, but these hit-pieces, he hasn’t been convicted of anything, and saying he “escaped” to Thailand, he has ties over there through his girlfriend of numerous years, it seems like the purpose of these is to throw wild accusations and unproven allegations toward a man and family I highly respect. The charges may be true, but until they are proven to be all I see in this National Enquirer style website is alot is slander and in all honesty if he is absolved I hope he sues your butts out of existence. He built a better mousetrap and it looks like this website and the whiners on it are just envious and mad they didn’t do as well in life as he.

    • It is great to see that you hide behind a Bitch Boi email address. I took the liberty of tracking down your IP which is as follows: It places you in Durham, NC. You wrote me from a CenturyLink ISP with a 560 area code. Now, I know precisely whom you are and that answered a lot of questions I originally had. With that said, why would MICKEY DALE SNOW or PORN TONGSUA wait for a jury trial for the rape of a 13 and 15 year old female whom are alleged to be mentally challenged? I mean the US Constitution allows for he to file NOW and TODAY! You see, first, slander and really you mean libel is one of the hardest things to ever prove. It opens the door for a HELL OF A LOT of Discovery. What, with the latest Tongsua Management employee doing a podcast and revealing precisely how shit went down with Tongsua as a front and Snow Enterprises reaping the 8(a) benefits, I think we both know that all parties, yourself included, would be best off sticking to sucking cock back there in the mountains. I give you a A for effort, though. And be sure to tell your Minders that I have the UPAMS angle on tape as well. Have yourself a Great Bitch Boi day!



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