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BREAKING NEWS: Matt Martin Survives Protest on HUD 3.5 For Now

Matt Martin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM), LLC, survived the first wave of Protests launched against him after  US Small Business Administration‘s (SBA) David Loines, in King of Prussia, PA, issued a meandering ruling.  Asset Management Real Estate, BA Urban Solutions, IEI-Cityside JV, LaRosa Realty, Liberty Systems Management, Winn Realty and Appraisal LLC, OneSource REO LLC, Wallin Residential Properties and Real Estate Resource Services INC all mounted Formal Protests which were considered ranging from size to monies made.

MMREM confirms that it has the following affiliates:  Matt Martin Real Estate LLC, MJM ……Property Preservation and Management LLC, Sperlonga, Chain Bridge Asset Management LLC and Backbone.

Loines said all of the aforementioned made less than a million dollars.  William Lunger and his businesses were mentioned as possibly being affiliated in the Ruling; however, never really addressed.

This is simply a snapshot to get word out.  We are going to work on a very large story on Matt and his Companies in the coming weeks.

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