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The Bodies Keep Piling Up For The Banksters

Editor’s Note:  This news is about two weeks old as I was tied up on other issues. It is also based upon a GREAT Blog called Wall Street on Parade ran by Pam and Russ Martens. Wall Street on Parade just scored a major coup by bringing on Former SEC Attorney James Kidney as a Guest Columnist. If you are into truly understanding the nuts and bolts of policy, I highly recommend you drop by and give them a read!

54 year old Melissa Millan was a divorced mother of two whom appears to have the misfortune of being a loose end in a long string of what I believe are connected homicides which are being ruled as suicides. Millan, a Senior Vice President with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, appears to have had access to some specialized and sensitive information pertaining to Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) policies. While one might consider this to be rather mundane, simply read through some of my postings on this topic to get a real understanding. In essence, the banksters buy policies on most, if not all, of their employees and then simply sit back and collect on the profits — morbid to some, profitable to the banksters.

Millan’s body was found by a motorist on the paved portion of Iron Horse Boulevard between Phelps Lane and Rotary Park. The coroner ruled the death a homicide with the cause of death occurring from an “edged weapon.”

We have included the Simsbury, CT, Press Release and as usual are able to report that there have been no suspects questioned nor arrests made to date — just like the rest of the Dead Banksters.

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