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BLM REO Sends Armed Men To Contractor’s Home In Front Of Children

Here is yet another great National Association of Mortgage Field Services production. According to a Contractor, not only did BLM REO provide tools for a Contractor (man, that is a home run for Employee Status), but the Contractor alleges BLM REO, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member, sent armed thugs to collect in front of young children.

Is this where we are at today Eric Miller? Contractors having to live in fear of their children’s lives at the hands of armed agents sent by Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services? This certainly would not have happened on my Farm.

This company promised me so much 3 months ago. Now I’m wondering how to make ends meet again. Well first I lost my home waiting to go to work for these people. After I lost my home they finally decide to put me to work. They got me the equipment I would need to do the job. Seems to be there MO that way they can treat you like there slave. We agreeded on a set amount of $250.00 per pay cycle to pay it back. They told me that I would get paid from the time I left my home till the time I got home. Well that was the first thing that changed. Jimmy Caldrer called me 2wks into working for them and told me that he was only paying me one way to or from the job. Well I had a verbal agreement that I would get paid from the time I left till the time I got home from Johnny Reeves and Ivan Lagrone. So they owe me for 279 unpaid drive time hrs for me and my help that they will not pay me that totals $6,696.00 at $24.00 per hr for 2 people.

The next thing that happened was I was driving 4 hrs to jobs putting thousands of miles on my truck a month and the rear end when out. Well I was told that a anything that happened to my vehicle they would cover another lie. I had to pay them back $950.00 for the rear end to be rebuilt. Then they changed my payments to $450.00 every 2 wks. So that’s another $950.00 I’m owed. The next thing I get an e-mail telling me I have to carry $1,000,000.00 insurance policy to service there properties. They have to many people who want to be in charge. Next they started changing things up again saying they weren’t paying for drive time at all. That’s when I drew the line. I called them we had a few choice words and they agreed to terms that I set, but it was all a ploy to set me up. They were going to have a worker of there’s come to Huntington Wv to of everything either willingly or by force (armed force). Well unsaid employee refused to do that cause he’s the only decent one that works there that I have met well the only one I’ve met actually.

So we came to an understanding that they could have there equipment but I was holding my truck, trailer, and iPad until I was paid in full. There guy came to my home armed with a 40 caliber hand pistol to retreive there stuff. Where my children were at mind you. Now I’m still owed a lot of money that they are refusing to pay me. The grand total owed to me for hours worked money I was shorted on my pay and money to replace the rear end in my truck comes to $8706.00 and they say I owe them money haha. If you want this to happen to you go to work for them. Ibayou value your time with your family and want to get paid for what you work go somewhere else. Thank you for your time and I hope this is very informative for anyone thing of going to work for BLM REO.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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