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Altisource: Why Fix The Problem When You Can Sweat The Sources

In typical flourish, Altisource has begun a campaign of terror with respect to that which Foreclosurepedia has reported upon. We began receiving calls around 0600EDT notifying us that people were being advised about Altisource's "...extreme displeasure..." with respect to our Article on Jay "The Mold Master" Goscinksi and the apparent inconsistencies with respect to the Mold Inspections submitted to Altisource. Coming on the heels of Altisource's Associate General Counsel's statements that, "Enough is enough[,]" Foreclosurepedia knew it had stirred up a hornet's nest. Nothing new when dealing with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime!

The link connecting virtually each and every Article documenting fraud, deceit and corruption within the Mortgage Field Services Industry is the Non Profit Association known as the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. In fact, Altisource is both a Member of the NAMFS Regime and reported to have submitted a Letter of Recommendation for Jay "The Mold Master" Goscinski's Membership. More on point, though, both the NAMFS Regime and Altisource knew of Goscinski's previous and ongoing bad behavior and should have known about his previous bankruptcy.

As being reported by the Drive By Media, Altisource is in a world of shit right now pertaining to allegations of being funneled money from its parent Ocwen Financial. Here are the facts as I see them: The Altisource Vendors whom defrauded hundreds of Contractors out of nearly a million dollars could not have done such without the complicity of Altisource itself. I base this off of an email which documents the fact that in the case of the disgraced, former NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst, Altisource knew she had spun up yet another company to circumvent protections put into place to protect Contractors,

Berghost is a tough deal…. Supposedly from what our VMO group is telling me, they have moved all of Altisource business to the new entity (Heritage Home Solutions).  After the audit – it appears there are no subcontractors owed monies for Altisource work.  But, if we pulled the plug on them right now there would be (natural accounts payable).  I think VMO thinks if they slowly stage them down it will keep the subs paid and we can wind them down to zero.  If you hear otherwise please let me know.

So, the problem presents that either there was no Due Diligence performed or that there was active collusion ongoing to keep Berghorst afloat. The reality is that both Berghorst and Buczek should have been cut in November, 2013, but Altisource was recalcitrant to loose out on their profit margins and it would seem to me that they had a vested interest in keeping the entire matter silenced. It is simply hard for me to fathom how a Foreign National operating upon Domestic United States soil is so far out of touch with what their Vendor Network does.

More on point, though, Altisource would seem to avoid those within the Mortgage Field Services Industry whom not only play ball fairly, but already have a proven track record with both the Industry and Contractors. Is this because the Honest Joes might actually notify Regulators about that which is occurring under the cover of darkness or perhaps they will not give kickbacks? I do not know, but what I do know is that Altisource possesses a multitude of Firms with which they refuse to engage. Even the Contractors they attempted to placate by informing them they would be directly hired in the aftermath of the Berghorst -Buczek Affair continue to suffer without pay for services they performed upon Altisource properties --- and yes, they have never been hired.

If Banjamin Lawsky looked hard enough --- as in a simple perusal of Foreclosurepedia --- his case against Ocwen and Altisource would become insurmountable. While I am not necessarily amicable to releasing my Sources, the information I have documented could easily be obtained through subpoena. Curious just how bad it is? The below is from ONE CONTRACTOR, a small Contractor, defrauded under the Buczek Enterprises Production. I go tired of formatting the tables, but they are

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