Altisource Teams With National Real Estate Solutions To Demand 25 Percent Payments

Keely Ann Mingham Profiting From The Fraud Committed Against Minority Females And Labor.

Patricia E McTaggart and Altisource are back at it, again, helping Brian Mingham and National Real Estate Solutions (NRES) walk free from all debt while pocketing the money of Minority Females and Labor. In fact, as Keely Ann and Brian Mingham pocketed tens of millions of dollars all the while involved in a money grab which has finally played out, nearly identical, to how many more millions of dollars were stolen by National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members like Heather Berghorst. Berghorst is the now infamous former NAMFS Secretary whom defrauded millions from innocent victims. McTaggart oversaw it. Altisource teamed up with Buczek Enterprises to defraud millions from innocent victims. McTaggart oversaw it. Altisource teamed up with SEAS to defraud millions from innocent victims. McTaggart oversaw it. National Field Network (NFN) defrauded millions from innocent victims. McTaggart oversaw it. And in each and every case two things were present:  NAMFS and Patricia E McTaggart.

From: NRES <>
Date: Monday, April 2, 2018
Subject: NRES/Altisource payment update
Cc: NRES <>

As previously announced, National Real Estate Solutions (“NRES”) has closed its doors for business.  We are aware that you may have an unpaid claim for work performed or services provided with respect to work orders issued by NRES.

NRES wishes to resolve this matter with you amicably, but is unable, due to the fact that all of its assets are collateralized by a lien in favor of its secured creditor, to fully pay you the amount you seek.  A small pot has been made available for NRES to satisfy the claims of those creditors like you, whereby in exchange for providing a release of any and all lien rights you may have with respect to the labor or materials you provided, NRES can pay you 25% of the amount owed to you, on your Altisource managed properties,  as full and final payment with respect to this matter.

If you are interested in accepting this proposal, please promptly respond to this email by typing YES or NO, letting us know of your interest, and someone will be in touch to work out final details and make arrangements for the payment.

Thank you for your time in considering this proposal.

Twenty five cents on the dollar for which Brian Mingham and his wife were paid. And Mingham’s son, whom we profile later this week, has been reaping the benefits of a high dollar lifestyle all the while Minority Females and Labor are hung out to dry. Mingham’s new role, as President of CFSI Loan Management, has at least allowed him to invite discussion. Mingham’s personal cell phone number is:  805-276-1010. Feel free to reach out to Mingham, direct, if you would like to discuss the matter of what he owes you, personally. And tell him Foreclosurepedia sent you over!

As you can see, Keely Ann Mingham is a Director over at NRES. It truly is a Family Business. And in the coming days, we are going to give Keely Ann that special type of attention that she so deserves. In fact, when you Google the name BRIAN MINGHAM, Foreclosurepedia comes up on Google Page One as the Top Listing. Foreclosurepedia is proud to provide this Public Service to the American Public in order that all of those involved get equal coverage!


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