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Altisource: As The Order Mill Layers Fall CFPB Sharpening Pencils To Investigate

Altisource is in a world of proverbial shit these days. The House of Fraud which had been built up vis-a-vis their layers of National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills has finally begun to collapse and Altisource is attempting to use their Cancellation of Work Orders as a tool to financially protect themselves instead of paying what is owed to Labor for services rendered. Foreclosurepedia was the first media outlet to begin to report upon the fact that Altisource is a ticking time bomb with respect to liability within the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Time and again, going all the way back to October of 2013, Foreclosurepedia has documented precisely how Altisource and its pools of keyboard thugs created a network of what I am only able to describe as racketeering which stretches from the United States to the Philippines to Luxembourg.

By the hour now I am receiving Complaint after Complaint specifically naming Pat McTaggart as the Altisource point-of-contact in multiple cases of Order Mill fraud. Cecilia Rismann is another of Altisource’s blowhard mouthpieces whom tries to protect Altisource’s juggernaut of a fraud network consisting of Order Mills. Both Rismann and McTaggart’s go fuck yourself attitude are the epitome of Altisource attempting to fuck Members of Labor at each and every step of the way. Here, take a look at Detailed Property Services whom is yet another Altisource Order Mill whom McTaggart is doing her best to ensure neither has to pay Members of Labor and additionally that Altisource is not on the hook for the services provided,

​G​uys and Gals,

My decision to split from Detailed Property Services was for my own best interest. Normally this type of email would be very unprofessional. However in likes of comments made by my previous part​ner​ ​ a​ bout my character and multiple phone calls from contractors ​saying they can’t get ahold of Kelly for payment, I figured I owe you at least this.

I wont go to far into it but Kelly was far from truthful with me about the company finances and refused to give me access. I gave her one more chance to let me review our book and she refused. So I am left to assume there were things she did not want me to see. So after going to the bank and requesting statements she was right. Not sure how deep the dishonesty went but my assumptions were more than confirmed. Therefore I made a withdraw for some, *not all *of what I was owed and walked away. Now its
my understanding that some of you are having similar problems with her  about getting paid. Below you will find two email addresses. Send them an email containing the work order numbers(they begin with (*WI*xxxxxx) in which you have not been paid for and inform them of your rights to put a lean on the properties if payment is not made. If you do not know your work order number I can help you with all orders assigned before 10/28. This will be your first step to get paid for your work.

I am not happy with the outcome of this venture but I do want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication.

“McTaggart, Patricia E” <PatriciaE.McTaggart@altisource.com>
“Rismann, Cecilia” <Cecilia.Rismann@altisource.com>

Oh and FYI just so you know she has lost the contract for both states.

John Vella has no fucking idea how bad it is getting ready to become as Foreclosurepedia prepares to release on a wholesale level the litany of material we have pertaining to the fraud which Altisource has turned a blind eye to with respect to the atrocities committed upon Members of Labor by Altisource’s hand picked Order Mills. Vella, the promotion king that he thinks he is, has already begun to be a beehive of activity on the d0xing boards over in Eastern Europe.

Shareholders are fickle people. When they start to come to Foreclosurepedia to obtain the information which Altisource continues to refuse to provide — yup, spoke with 3 major shareholders today about McTaggart and her continued dragging of the heels with respect to her perceived protection of Order Mills — it starts to add up to an abandon ship in the making!

The follies continue to pile up and Altisource really believes that by threatening and intimidating folks, that I am going to back off the reporting I do. Yeah, right. We see how much good that did when the former and disgraced Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Heather Berghorst pretended to be the victim. For those of you whom do not know Eric Miller’s little proverbial pillow fluffing buddy here is a bit of the background,

Heather Berghorst defrauded Members of Labor to the tune of nearly a million dollars. Altisource was Berghorst’s paymaster and when Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez was confronted with the fact that Berghorst had submitted her second bankruptcy, Miller and Farelo-Fernandez refused to allow for Ethics Hearings to commence. In fact, they ensured that Berghorst was and is continued to be an Offender Member of the NAMFS Regime. Berghorst was hit for embezzlement, fraud and larceny by Members of Labor in federal court along with willful and malicious fraud by 5/3 Bankcorp in the same federal court.

Berghorst didn’t stop there, though. She created yet another company to commit yet more fraud with Altisource as the paymaster. What did Altisource do? Not a goddamn thing but continue to send Berghorst money!

With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) now going after JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and others, it is time to get CFPB back on the trail of Altisource. The reality is that if Altisource is not going to pay Members of Labor for services rendered and yet pay their fraudulent network of Order Mills, Foreclosurepedia is going to ensure that it is an extremely expensive endeavor. In full disclosure, Foreclosurepedia has reached out to Altisource in an attempt to simply move all of the Complaints by Members of Labor over to them to address. Foreclosurepedia has every intention of releasing each and every email, address and the true information pertaining to these properties. Would seem to make far more financial sense to the shareholders to do this in private. Personally, I hope that Altisource continues to believe that the shareholders are “…stupid sheeple whom take what we give them…” to quote the opinion of one very close to the case.

So, pucker up Altisource. Unless and until you folks decide that the Rule of Law in the United States is going to be followed; unless and until you spineless keyboard bandits determine that it makes far more sense to pay Members of Labor for the work they have done as opposed to protecting your Order Mills and the rest of the Offender Members of the NAMFS Regime, Altisource will be front page news on Foreclosurepedia.

Paul Williamshttps://foreclosurepedia.org
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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