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Accounts Receivable: Receive Cash Today

We are working with an Investment Client whom is interested in making short term investments on Accounts Receivable (AR) with Companies whom have both a DUNS and SAM Account.  The reality is that in this ever changing landscape of time lines for services rendered, liquidity is a hard product to come by.  Most financial institutions refuse to even consider loans against AR Accounts unless you are in the multi million dollar annual range.

If you are a Contractor or even Regional with immediate cash flow issues this may be an option.  While the requirements are still being hammered out, this is to be considered both a domestic and international option.  Mandatory requirements include, but are not limited to:  An Established Business Checking Account, DUNS, SAM, Documentable AR Accounts, US Citizen or legally registered foreign national firm and at least one year of verifiable Property Preservation activity.  Considerations will also be given to new firms entering into the federal contracting arena, HUD, FNMA, FRMC and other ancillary housing markets including REITs.

If you do not have a DUNS or SAM Account we are able to assist you in obtaining such.  Feel free to reach out to us today to discuss your needs so that we may be of service!

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