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A2Z Field Services Looking For GA Contractors

As many know, A2Z Field Services has been Awarded the HUD 3.6 Contract down in Georgia.  A2ZFS is one of the very few Nationals we ever have given a 5 Star Rating.  Now, with this said, working for a great National requires great Contractors.  If you are going to apply, make sure you have your act together!  Here are a few of the items necessary for employment:

  • Generator (You need to be able to electrically energize a home)
  • Air Compressor (For winterizations)
  • Truck and Trailer
  • Lawn Maintenance Equipment
  • Blower
  • Basic carpentry, electrical and plumbing tools
  • Cell phone (Wisest to have a Smartphone)
  • Laptop and it is best to have a desktop as well (Obviously Internet Access and you need a Windows complaint system with IE6 or above)
  • Ladders
  • GLI, Comp (or Exemption) and a clean criminal history

So, the big question is pay, right?  30 days and then weekly after that!  Never an issue either on their end!  I am not privy to the GA Schedule; however, the old 1a (6a now which we work) was off the charts!  Great pay is commensurate with incredible work folks.  Don’t be an idiot and botch a good thing.  A2ZFS bucks the System time-and-again with their Pay Schedule.  So, understand that if you get an IQR it is because it is legit.

A final note:  The same staff which will run you ran us.  Lawrence is the VM and I believe Norwood and Brenneman head up the day-to-day.  Eatmon and Stangland are the PMs over there.  These folks are A#1 in our interactions with them.  Remember, follow your Chain-of-Command!!! I cannot emphasize this enough!  Begin with your low rung and walk it up if you have issues.  I do not know how they feel; however, I have absolutely NO respect for anyone whom jumps the Chain-of-Command!  Additionally, the petty sh*t needs to be left at the door.  This is a business folks.  You are going to go much further in this Industry if you simply get the job done and split the hairs after the fact.  In our experience with A2ZFS and more specifically with these folks (they are based out of Charlotte, NC with their National out of OH), I have turned down 2 jobs in the hundreds upon hundreds of assignments.  Those turn downs were predominately logistically related BTW.

You are always going to have an issue no matter where you work in this Industry.  A2ZFS is a Company you want for these circumstances.  Why?  They work with you and there is no hustle.  So, get a hold of them if you are in Georgia and you do your own work!

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