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2013: Culling the Herd

I thought long and hard when I shook my Magic 8 Ball for 2013’s Predictions.  Why?  Well, 2013 will impact everyone in the REO/PP Industry.  Additionally, I was cautioned about posting this article and you know what:  Foreclosurepedia has never grazed with the Herd!  That’s right, this article is about Culling the Herd; this article is going to upset many in this Industry.  The reality is that those whom are not upset by what I have to say will be working and showing a profit by the end of 2013!

I was browsing through a LinkedIn thread today as I was uploading a couple orders to Clients (yeah, we work 7 days a week, 365 days a year) and the reality of simply how screwed up the Contractor mindset is finally appeared on the radar.  Make no mistake whatsoever, as an individual my political views make the most conservative Republicans blush.  I purposefully charted the course for Foreclosurepedia as a Small Business which would never dally around with Corporate Welfare.  We take responsibility for our actions and accordingly we monitor the Industry for areas wherein we are able to enter into mutually beneficial Contracts.

I want everyone to pay EXTREMELY CLOSE ATTENTION  to what I just said!  It is not  the Nationals/Regionals/Order Mills mindset that is obfuscated here; the vast majority of Contractors have adopted a Pied Piper attitude to the Property Preservation Industry!

Now, until recently I did not engage in the Social Media (SM) spheres as I found them to be an utter and complete waste of time; I still do.  By-in-large people engage in SM (notice the acronym when juxtaposed with BDSM to completely understand the madness) to save the costs of seeking psychiatric help.  Smart individuals glean the viable information that the Herd leaves behind and capitalize upon movements in the paradigm shift (if you do not understand this you should either Google it or subscribe to Facebook where you can Dis/Like and keep your life simple).  With this said and more on point, the Herd tends to feel that it should be allowed to aimlessly wander around grazing at the troughs of Order Mill A, B and C.  They do not have to think too much; they simply regurgitate their hopeless drivel documenting their mail order licenses and hope they will be able to make due until whatever Administration is in power finds it fit to dole out legislation to up the pricing in the Industry.

The aforementioned thread is a classic case-in-point of the prevalent mindset in this Industry.  Here a guy posts that he has some Inspections Nationwide.  Hell, the way folks were bowing down one would have thought he was the New Messiah passing out tickets to Afterlife!  Now, with just a wee bit of examination we begin to find the facade falling apart:  Did you notice the painted paneling in the photo; the ill fitting suit and anyway.  A couple of clicks on the Web and we find that the only Company that comes up which is similar to his which he represents is based out of San Diego, CA.  Hell, when you go there they do not have an Application, no break down of services and viola it is a cookie cutter website from Wix.

Here’s a quote from the Profile:

We are a qualified contractor how guarantee quality assurance in accordance with HUD, FHA, and all other state, local and investor and insurer guidelines.

Now, regardless of whether or not my estimation that well above 60 percent of most Contractors are either semi retired or semi literate is immaterial.  What is material is that if someone is going to hire me they need to be fluent in the English language and how to present things grammatically.  Even more troubling is when we start to lob state and local together sans county or even the fact that local is municipal; even more troubling when we start to discuss the fact that this alleged employer doesn’t even know that fiduciary and insurance claims/work orders are NOT the same.

Snakeoil!  My friends, snakeoil!  Now, we took the time to point this out and I might add this has happened multiple times!  What happened?  The Herd pushed back and ran to their keyboards AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE to fire off their information!  Madness!  Pure, unadulterated madness!  Lest this be confused with an attack on our protagonist here, I could care less anymore about him or the Herd.  This is the reality:  whether it be this example or many more to come, the Herd is going to be Culled!  Either by their own stupidity or their lack of motivation, the slaughterhouse is awaiting.  I, myself, am happy about this!

Why am I happy that many, many of the Contractors in this Industry are going to go under this coming year?  The reality is that MANY, MANY Contractors never belonged in this Industry!  When you have morons running to the slaughter (like above) it makes it exponentially more complicated to do an honest days work for an honest days pay! Do you know why these fly-by-night Order Mills function?  Because of the same morons that do not have time to research whom they are willing to work for at eleven dollars per day!  These same morons will ensure that Nationals continue to churn out Product to the Order Mills because, hey, why screw a good thing?!  These same morons are going to get on every SM Site known to man and churn out their Woe Is Me tales about how they got screwed and all of us should have sympathy!  Not me.  I’m done.  Foreclosurepedia WILL be one of the twenty five percent which survive this devolving quagmire!

As such, Foreclosurepedia is going to begin concentrating on those Contractors whom we consider both sane and salvageable.  We are going to begin to put the vast majority of our Content into the Premium areas.  My rationale?  If you have the luxury of religion (which I do not), there was a fellow named Jesus whom said, “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”  Harsh?!  Damn straight!  I am so sick and tired of hearing the pitter patter of keyboards furiously churning out garbage.  In many cases I must ask myself if these folks even work!

Introspection folks; this Industry needs a very heavy dose of introspection.  Now, I am not saying the Nationals aren’t guilty here.  They know the shit storm they created and the roosters will come back to roost sooner than later.  Those on High whom I have had the privilege of speaking with agree on one thing, though, which is that the Contractors whom are going to prevail; the Contractors whom they are going to hire directly are those whom have taken the time to stay abreast on the issues of the Industry and those whom have the ability to implement dramatic IT infrastructure architecture.

In closing folks, here’s the rub:  Foreclosurepedia is going to distance itself from the Herd.  We are going to bring those Contractors along with us whom have the ability to take off their blinders and think outside the box.  We do not want the Numbers; we want the select few Contractors whom are destined to succeed!  By and through our Alliances we are going to turn this Industry around.  We are going to forge the necessary relationships and equip those Contractors whom subscribe to us with the real time, hard hitting information that they need to Win, not just make it in 2013.  Do you have what it takes to make it in the Industry?  Is learning all aspects of Property Preservation and equipping for the renovations which are the future of the REO/PP business more important than Reality TV?  If so, stay tuned and we are going to show you the Path Less Traveled!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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