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2015 NAMFS #FraudFest Gears Up In The Big Easy

Well, it’s that time of year again when all of the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) make their pilgrimage to attend the NAMFS Annual #FraudFest. This year, the NAMFS #FraudFest is being held in the Big Easy — that’s New Orleans for all you Yankees. Coming on the heels of releasing the NAMFS Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990 to Foreclosurepedia, this year’s #FraudFest is shaping up to be one to remember. And here is a salient point which I do not think that the Miller Regime is currently comprehending: 10 years ago, Hurricane Katrina slammed into The Big Easy. And when the waters began to recede, there wasn’t a hell of a lot of repairing going on. In fact, it was predominately regentrification. So, if I were a party to the Regime, I would probably stick pretty close to the hotel as not a lot of the folks down there, law enforcement included, will have much love for the NAMFS Vultures.


As we reported yesterday, the NAMFS FY2014 IRS Form 990 was finally delivered, errors and all. And not surprisingly, it left more questions unanswered, than answered. With respect to precisely how Associate Members were now capable of possessing voting rights and now able to be directors, the answer was typical NAMFS,

As for the reference to the ineligibility of Matt Zoldowski, the Board amended the by-laws in 2013 which modified the associate/affiliate members standing to voting members, part are posted all other items on this email, I will review and provide a response after our conference.

I say typical NAMFS in that I find it extremely convenient that you hold a Special Session to Amend the By Laws of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and yet there is nothing out there to announce this and furthermore it sure in the fuck isn’t on your website where both your Membership and the American Public — surely you remember us as we foot the bill for your tax exempt status — to view!

The 2015 NAMFS #FraudFest is even worse than last year’s which was a financial catastrophe. From a Sponsorship point-of-view, 2015 NAMFS #FraudFest is SEVENTY THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS in the hole. Most notable is the fact that NAMFS could not even find only two Presidential Sponsors — only one person signed up for that and their thanks last year was to be removed from ALL NAMFS PUBLICITY. Not a single person could be found to pony up money for the Opportunity Expo.

The attendance is, as well, down. While Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, is crowing about 493 people attending, that number is misleading as is Miller. In fact, out of the 493 people attending, 201 of them are entourage attendees. When we further drill down upon actual NAMFS Members, that number dwindles, yet again. The actual number of Companies attending the 2015 NAMFS #FraudFest is 289 if you include non NAMFS participants.

The entire concept that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is operating in a sustainable and financially solvent manner is absurd. As I will tie into later this week, the entire administrative infrastructure of NAMFS borders on the illegal, not the least of which is the latest creation of a new Voting Member class, information of which is spurious at best as there is no documentation on the NAMFS Website itself, which has no vested interest in field operations which is what was the very basis for the foundation of NAMFS by John Ward!

While those at the 2015 NAMFS #FraudFest gather, I recommend they pay close attention to the below list and the list which will compose that of the newly elected NAMFS Board of Directors. Each and all I am going to publicly roast for the crimes against humanity and the atrocities which have occurred under their Watch. Membership within NAMFS will become an extremely expensive endeavor. Period.

NAMFS Education Committee

Tyler Danalds, Precision Field Services

Dan Hanson, Cityside Management CORP

Joyce Milaszewski, JGM Property Group

Justis Smith, Rowe Enterprises

Mary Stewart, Assurant Field Asset Services

Matt Connelly, Gryphon Group LLC

Suzanne Phillips, SoCal Inspections

Kathleen Campbell, hEYE Quality Service Group, LLC

John Ryals, Primestar Field Services

Patricia Clawson, Clawson & Associates

NAMFS Government Relations Committee

Nickie Bigenho, Mortgage Contracting Services

Adam Miles, Miles Preservation

Eric Miller, NAMFS

Kellie Chambers, Safeguard Properties, INC

Bret Douglas, Ironclad Preservation

Susie Miller, ServiceLink Field Services

Heather Burt, Beers Housing, INC

Jonathan Smolen, Property Logic

Paul Magaha, Assurant Field Asset Services

Jack Bryant, MSI

NAMFS Membership Committee

Adriana Farelo, The Farelo Group

Kyle Nickles, Nickles Enterprises

Shannon Rowe, Rowe Enterprises

Elspeth Spransy, Mortgage Contracting Services

Eleisa Walker, Walker Field Services

Bret Douglas, Ironclad

John Mancunelli JR, A Town Properties

Michael MacCaull, BargainLocks

Matt Zoldowski, Property Preservation Wizard

Jack Bryant, MSI

NAMFS Conference Committee

Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, The Farelo Group

Andrew Nikeli, Quest Preservation

Austyn Korpi, IronClad

Vanessa Phelps, Assurant Field Asset Services

Paul Williams
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