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ZLien: Buczek Enterprises Contractors Need To Contact Them Immediately

The time has come for Contractors to be paid. It is evident with spin downs at Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, that the lights have been turned off — literally. The even bigger problem is that as Buczek Enterprises scrambles to protect their own financial interests, they have REF– USED TO PUBLICLY STATE to anyone what the status is pertaining to the payment of Contractors. Hell, they laid off virtually every employee and are spinning down operations! Even more nefarious is the fact that a Contractor reached out to us this evening and stated that Adam Buczek threatened to not pay him if he continued to participate in one of the most basic and fundamental of all Civil Rights, the First Amendment! You want to talk about a Chilling Effect Upon the Free Speech! This is MONEY OWED and the alleged threats are across state lines!

zlien is a platform that reduces credit risk and default receivables for contractors and suppliers by giving them control over mechanics lien and bond claim compliance. Founded by experienced construction attorneys and technology experts, zlien is also the nationwide leading publisher of credit and financial risk analysis, and mechanics lien and bond claim resources and data.

Scott Wolfe is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of zlien. I have no vested interest in whether or not folks contact him nor zlien. What I did was the due diligence which my audience is accustomed to and simply came to the conclusion that zlien is a one stop shop where Contractors in the Buczek Enterprises fiasco — hundreds of Contractors owed hundreds of thousands of dollars — and all Contractors whom are owed tens of millions of dollars should go!

Scott drives the company’s vision. A licensed construction attorney in six states, Scott founded zlien to solve the lack of accessibility to mechanics lien and bond claim laws in the construction industry. He believes that the mechanics lien and bond claim remedies are the spine to a successful construction credit policy, and leads zlien to innovate new ways for companies to get what they earned by taking control of their lien rights. He is a founding author and contributor to the Lien and Credit Journal, and his writing has appeared in CFMA’s Building Profits, Supply House Times, Hanley Wood’s Professional Deck, Puget Sound Business Journal, Construction Executive Risk Management, Credit Today, MultiBriefs, and more.

Folks, litigation is going to get you NOWHERE! Go to Court and you risk bankruptcy. File a Lien and the Portfolio Holder or Financial Institution is GOING TO PAY! Period! When you look at post conveyance; when you look at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) side, HUD gives TEN DAYS to get the Lien GONE!

You come to Foreclosurepedia to get answers to questions no one else knows. You trust and depend upon me to Guide the Way in the Wilderness of Corruption within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. If you do not want to be yet another statistic in the unemployment line, call zlien TODAY!

When you speak with zlien, tell them that Foreclosurepedia will make available any and all information they need with respect to potential Qui Tam and Class Action material they may additionally want to look at. As other law firms out East with Shepherd, Finkleman, Miller and Shah and out West with Duckworth Peters Lebowitz and Olivier have both made their Agendas ones which revolve around enriching themselves, why not protect your OWN INTERESTS instead of enriching yet another suit and tie whom got you into this mess to begin with? Allow the Lien Process to do what it was designed to do. The reality is that the Contracts that the NAMFS Regime Members put forth were null and void, ab initio, when they decided to Default and stop paying. Do it TODAY!

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