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SOFI Blog Begins Foreclosurepedia Donation Drive

Richard Law runs a damn good outfit called the Society of Field Inspectors and is the proprietor of the SOFI Blog along with several other great Blogs. Law and I speak, on occasion about issues within the Industry and while we do not always concur I always walk away feeling like my time was well spent.

Today I was extremely surprised as my Donation Tab lit up with a Donation from Law. About the same time I also noted that the SOFI Blog had an Article up encouraging Donations to Foreclosurepedia.

The reality is that Law’s Donation is unique on two fronts. First, while I receive periodic Donations which allows me to keep the Website running with the bandwidth issues and research, they have always remained confidential. I understand why many folks would not want to be associated with Foreclosurepedia and respect that. The second front is that while Law and I are not Competitors in the Capitalistic sense, he and I do function within the same realms. So, it was greatly appreciated today that Law made his Donation and that he publicly announced such!

As his Donation is in the Public Realm now, I feel I owe it to him and others to detail where his $100 will go. $46.20 will go to pay for our year of hosting which is coming up very soon. $37.50 will go to our Cloud Based Storage overseas where we mirror everything should litigation ever be commenced and additionally stores hundreds of gigabytes of documents which have been obtained and will be produced when the US Government finally gets off its ass and begins to prosecute the criminals in the Industry. $16.30 will go towards a long overdue phone bill which allows me to speak to people on a land line. As I am extremely rural, cell phones simply do not work out here.

I am extremely appreciative of Law’s Donation and that of each and every other person whom has taken their hard earned money; money that is even harder to collect, an allow me the privilege and honor of using it to fight this war against the unholy forces which have pitted themselves against the honorable men, women and children in the Mortgage Field Services Industry! Why not take the time and visit Richard Law’s SOFI Blog and the rest of his great productions?! God Bless You and God Bless The United States of America!

United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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