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York Jersey Denies Paying NAMFS

With respect to the below Form, Johnnie Rumbaugh the Executive Vice President of York Jersey, spoke with Foreclosurepedia. Rumbaugh stated, in part that,

The term NAMFS claims library is a misnomer. NAMFS [National Association of Mortgage Field Services] was a generalized term we used for the Mortgage Field Services Industry and it has carried over since. The NAMFS [as in the Association] does not receive any money from York Jersey and we do not supply NAMFS with any information with respect to Claims filed against Contractors to them.

The discussion with Rumbaugh was quite substantive with respect to the Industry; however, Foreclosurepedia is only at liberty to state that Rumbaugh has been around since the time of John Ward, the recently deceased driving force behind NAMFS. Rumbaugh stated, in part,

As you and I both know Mr. Williams, the Industry has substantially changed since those [John Ward’s] days.

We reached out to the National Association of Mortgage Field Service’s Executive Director, Eric Miller for comment as well.

Mr Williams,

Thank you for the inquiry and information.  I will contacting [sic] York Jersey regarding this issue and will advise the Board of your inquiry.

I will get a longer Article out on this tonight. York Jersey has created a new Document redacting the “NAMFS claims library” to replace the one attached below.

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