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Will The Real Robert Dreggs Please Stand Up

National Field Network (NFN) would appear to have a ghost in the machine. In this I mean that on 15 July 2014 Chris Crandell, NFNs Chief Operating Officer (COO), sent out a three page Memo entitled Vendor Memo 2014-19 Addressing Outstanding Payment Concerns. In a nutshell, a Robert Dreggs appears to be sending unsolicited emails to the NFN Contractor Network stating he is owed money. Now, for the record I have not seen a copy of this alleged email so I do not know for sure whether it is perhaps a red herring to deflect actual debts owed or not. It would appear, though, that for Crandell to take the time to draft a three page Memo and distribute such to their entire Vendor Network, NFN is getting skittish.

Several things first come to mind. First, had NFN paid Brian Drain, the former Buczek Enterprises IT Guru, they probably wouldn’t have the problems they have today. In this I mean the only way that anyone is able to obtain multiple Contractor’s email accounts is either: a) An idiot forgot to BCC mass emails generating from NFN; or b) NFNs Servers have been compromised. As NFN goes to the extreme of collecting Credit Reports on everyone for work, I doubt that they would tell anyone if their Servers had been hacked.

The intimation is that Dreggs is an unknown which I find to be humorous. It’s like Eminem’s Slim Shady; Will The Real Robert Dreggs Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up. All emails have an IP Address embedded in the Header. Short of using a proxy with TOR and Tails, there isn’t much that cannot be tracked down. Additionally, most normal email providers specifically do not allow for mass – bulk email distribution. In addition, if this Dreggs is sending out massive emails which are lies, it would strike me as a criminal matter, to boot. Why not involve law enforcement officials instead of worrying about loosing Contractors? I will tell you why, because the concern with these Order Mills is always self preservation.

Look, this is a serious thing Crandell. So serious, in fact, that I spoke with your HIGHLY DISRESPECTFUL secretary whom seemed upset she had to answer the phone.  In one of the most hateful tones of voice I have ever heard since the military — we train them that way — she informed me that you were busy and no, you did not have voice mail. Wow! No wonder National Field Network — the Safeguard Properties extension from what I understand and how is Amir Jaffa’s brother doing these days — is in the world of shit it has been since screwing Buczek Enterprises causing the Domino Effect while everyone knocked a few extra glasses down on Purim! Tell her I am sorry for interrupting her nail filing gig. Speaking of, how long until the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sets up shop at NFN like they have daily at Safeguard Properties?! All it takes is one Contractor to file one CFPB Complaint located here.

Now, to make the record quite clear as I am sure many wonder, the Dreggs Operation is not mine. My works are masterpieces and unmistakable. Ask the disgraced hack and former Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. Ask your good buddy Amanda Buczek whom landed you those Contracts your getting fattened up on after forgetting to pay the bill Chris. Keeping it real, that’s what it is all about my man.

The reality is that I gave you a ring to try and form a kind a gentle article which didn’t feel like dental extraction without the anesthesiology. Just like your pretend fronts of JJ Batts and Jesse Randall both of the infamous Field Asset Services whom swore upon stacks of Bibles the sale was going to benefit contractors and there really wasn’t a Contractor Class Action pending — Yeah, gotta love the Anderson|Biro Head Hunters — you reap what you sow.

With all that said, I am hard pressed to give any credit to Crandell’s lame ass email. It is calculated to keep people continuing to work for pennies on the dollar. The “…impe[ding] the ability of some of the smaller shops; husband and wife, father and son, mother and duaghter, etc. from earning a living,” is some of the most self righteous, sanctimonious bullshit I have heard since Benny Hinn was out hocking his festering bag of puss for his god to line his own pocket.

To Crandell’s credit, though, he opened a line of communication for both accounting and to him directly should accounting drop the ball. I respect that. And I believe Crandell. Contractors should believe him as well. Whether or not I like NFN or Sherri Knott is immaterial. If the Company is doing you right, that is what matters. Speaking of, if NFN is doing you good, drop  me a line. I would love to write something positive for a change!  😉

In closing, people whom muddy the waters with amateur hour spam emails should be held out for the fucks that they are. I never have and never will conduct an #Op without my name attached. Call it pride or what you may, I am an artist and I sign my canvass. Dreggs should be hunted down and exposed. I invite Crandell to forward me the emails and as Brian Drain will inform him, I have a very unique set of skills which I would employ on his behalf in the instant case. Hell Chris, why not break the ice and take a call just on GP?!

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