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Will Huffington Post and Marketwatch Step Up To The Plate?

We are running out of heros; we are in short supply of true investigative journalists. The days of Woodword and Bernstein are long gone. The days of true journalism are gone. It is infotainment funded by Corporate America. The fact of the matter is that Foreclosurepedia reached out to both Priya Anand of Marketwatch, a Wall Street Journal online publication whom we have spoken with in the past and Ben Hallman of the Huffington Post. Many will not recall Anand; however, there probably is not a Member of Labor whom will forget Hallman condemning Labor and not putting the fire to the feet of National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Members.

Corporate responsibility; vanity; and the advertisement revenues. That is what reigns supreme today with the Drive By Media. It has been this way ever since 60 Minutes took a face plant by allowing CBS Corporate to dictate to CBS News with respect to the original airing of the Jeffrey Wigand story which was canned due to fear from potential litigation by tobacco giant Brown & Williamson. CBS later aired the story after a cacophony of anger spilled out over both the airwaves and in print.

As early as October, 2014, Foreclosurepedia possessed what is now commonly referred to as the Brown v Five Brothers, US Bank, et al. case. The fact of the matter is that early on, we were arguing with the Relators attorneys whom appeared to be more comfortable fighting toothpaste litigation than the uncharted waters of the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Joe Badalamenti is a man whom has been around the block a time or two. Tom Kalas, his son-in-law and General Counsel for Five Brothers, Bada's company, is one whom has been taken around the block a time or three. I would like to think that if Bada --- the euphemistic name given to Badalamenti by others --- had it to do over again, he would have arranged for a different marriage for his daughter. White collar, soft to the touch and dainty are probably not terms Bada wanted left as his legacy. More on point, though, getting raked over the coals for a sealed complaint is something that a well schooled lawyer would have avoided --- hell, a first year law student would have had a better strategy for Bada than which Kalas put forward from what I can tell.

I am loathe to lay the entire cesspool of shit at Bada's feet; however, if he is truly a stand up Italian, he will shoulder the burden. The reality is that in the same way that the name of Five Brothers was unoriginal, so to is the story of his corporate history.

A year and a half ago I received several hours of covert wire recordings between an intelligence asset, Tom Kalas and Joe Badalamenti. They allowed a rare glimpse into the seedy world of the Mortgage Field Services Industry and how NAMFS Offender Members operate when not under the microscope. More on point, it laid out precisely how Kalas insulated Badalamenti from the day-to-day liabilities which have become commonly known as the Five Brothels. Those wire recordings were on the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel for quite some time until a handful of snot nosed lawyers and US Assistant Attorney Valerie D Smith opined that the language was too colorful. The result of Smith, et al., and their decisions was the infringement upon Foreclosurepedia's First Amendment rights in the same way CBS Corporate eviscerated CBS News on behalf of Big Tobacco. You see, the story of the Sealed Complaint against US Bank and Five Brothers is far more than simply allegations of well over $100 Million Dollars worth of assorted False Claims Act violations. It is far more than the pervasive and utter debauchery; the story Foreclosurepedia will roll out pins what I see as clear violations of the Canons of Ethics and specifically violation of the  Noble State of Pennsylvania's own Rules of Professional Conduct,

As advocate, a lawyer zealously asserts the client’s position under the rules of the adversary system.

Moral turpitude. Those are the words I use to describe the ambulance chasers from Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP (SFMS). They joined forces with Duckworth Peters Lebowitz Olivier LLP (DPLO) to sell out both their the Relator and the US Taxpayers as I see it while pursuing an open agenda of #EpicBilling to pad the potential awards or write off as pro bono or for tax credits. I have dealt with both of these Draconian Robber Barons. In fact, both firms are, even as I type, attempting to manifest bullshit lawsuits against the Mortgage Field Services Industry upon which have produced zero results in the years they have been floating around.

Valorie D Smith, the Assistant US Attorney for the District of New Jersey is yet another interesting piece of the puzzle. Smith, formerly employed by Stites and Harbison PLLC, should have recused herself from the case early on. The reality is that keeping a Qui Tam under seal for over a year strikes at the very grain of both Qui Tam and the False Claims Act (FCA). Smith's former firm, Stites and Harbison have been the attorneys representing US Bank in cases in the past. It is not always the direct implication of a Conflict of Interest which perplexes the American public, it is also the perception of a Conflict of Interest. This perception has always almost guaranteed recusal, bar none, of Counsel and Judge alike.

This is noteworthy as Smith and/or the US Attorney's office caused to be transmitted to US Bank a redacted copy --- redacted in caption only as I understand it --- to US Bank. Additionally, it is Smith whom elected to decline intervention by the US Government.

Foreclosurepedia has an official request submitted to William Skaggs, US Attorney's Office, District of New Jersey, Public Affairs Division (PAD) with respect to two fundamental questions:

  1. Why did Smith elect to decline intervention; and
  2. Why was US Bank presented with a copy of the Complaint.

It is worth noting, as well, that the US Department of Justice, Public Affairs Division stated they could not issue a photo of Smith. They referred us back to Skaggs, whom, in turn, stated they could not either. Ironic, as US Taxpayers paid for her photos so that we could publicly identify US Government employees. These questions are spot on in light of Smith's previous employer's representation of US Bank and her potential access thereof. In light of the climate of distrust both for the relationship which Big Government has with its citizenry and its relationship with Corporate America, the #ForeclosurepediaNation and the American Public have the right to be told the truth. While perhaps coincidental, the reality is that there were several other civil indictments pending against US Bank and these seem to have either been consolidated with the $200 Million US Bank Settlement we reported upon and SFMS seems to have no mention of any longer --- gee, love the lack of Conflict of Interest there by the Relator's Counsel and US DoJ as US DoJ rolled the Settlement out around the time of the filing of the Sealed Qui Tam --- or simply were dispatched with the Wink and a Nod Program that Eric Holder is so famous for while performing his grotesque facial contortions during his Dog and Pony Show Press Conferences.

With that said, the below pertains to Foreclosurepdia's opinions with respect to SFMS and DPLO based upon our interactions with them: 

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