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Why It’s Hard To Do The Right Thing In The US Today

We subscribe to the Fox News Newsletters for both personal and professional reasons.  This morning I received a copy of what purported to be one shown below.  Most folks do not think to cross check every single letter nor address when the Name of the Company is displayed prominently.  When we clicked the Link (any link), it sent us to virus laden websites.  I operate on a Linux Based Operating System so there never is any real concern for viruses; however, not everyone in the United States is that fortunate.

I contacted Fox News in New York to advise them, via telephone, and they simply routed me to the news room.  I then contacted the Knoxville Fox New Station whom told us they were NOT affiliated with Fox News New York, the supposed Parent Company.  Odd, but I suppose no one is whom they seem to be anymore.

The mathematical implications are fairly staggering.  Folks whom do not understand technology could have possibly (and may already have) infected their computers which in turn infect Networks.  So, the moral of the story is that Fox News could care less about IT Security and folks would probably do best to avoid Lame Stream Media Outlets whom do not even care whether or not electronic media illegally hijacks their name and potentially is responsible for millions of dollars worth of damages.

So, where does this leave everyone?  Alone, as usual.


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