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Why Eric Miller Will Not Allow Open Source In NAMFS

This entry is part 2 of 8 in the series Roundtable Discussions

In 2015 Adobe has issued multiple emergency Flash updates to patch critical vulnerabilities under active attack — including three such instances in the first five weeks of the year. The situation has gotten so grim that security reporter Brian Krebs recently experimented with a month without having the Flash Player installed at all. “The result? I hardly missed it at all,” Krebs writes.

For those unfamiliar, in open source software development, developers work together to create software with source code freely available for review and modification. This is an alternative to commercial software development, where software is developed in secret, and the compiled files (but not the source code) are sold to customers as a black box.

Mi¢ro$oft, the elephant in the room slamming Windows down everyone’s throat, announced in March of this year, that the world is going to get very unstable with respect to how the Mortgage Field Services Industry runs — or stable if you are Eric Miller in that greed is good. In essence, Windows will be released in iteration stages. Now, this is how the Open Source Community, which I am a part of, has done it for years. Jerry Nixon, a software development executive at Microsoft, has told the BBC that Windows “…will be delivered as a service bringing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner.” My guess is that much like Microsoft Office, Windows will become Software as a Service (SaaS).

In the past, freezing a Windows Version has been relatively simple and thus an entire organization has remained relatively stable. Windows XP is a good example of this and it also demonstrates the nightmare which occurs when you get to EoL — End of Life.

I want you to picture a brick and mortar organization with dozens or hundreds of users. The licensing nightmare, alone, will ensure that a few of these firms go out of business. Now, picture a virtual order mill whom utilizes remote processors with everyone pushing a different flavor of Windows — G-d forbid anyone has a bootlegged copy — and you now have a setting which collapses.

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has long pushed an agenda virtually ensuring that Open Source Software would never be used. Eric Miller, Executive Director NAMFS, has stood as the Gatekeeper between the Industry and service providers. The Miller Regime’s recalcitrant attitude toward non NAMFS Members is well documented. More on point, though, in the case of Susan E Bunnell, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel of Contracts and Technology for Wells Fargo, we see the heavy handed actions of financial institutions creating an unfair and illegal landscape wherein both Management and Labor are forced through a cattle shoot to ensure that only specific providers are allowed to be used pertaining to selecting both technology and background checks. With the case of Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), the background check now forces the technology selection.

Time and time again Eric Miller refuses to answer questions with respect to both NAMFS and the Industry as a whole. The Miller Regime’s pure and unadulterated terror over loosing their ability to have command and control over the graft and corruption which runs rampant ensures a myopic view as a Trade Association. Currently, NAMFS is incapable of even completing their Income Tax Returns. Year after year after year, since Eric Miller became Executive Director of NAMFS, the NAMFS Income Tax Returns have been submitted nearly a year late each and every time! I mean Miller is paid OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES! You would think that NAMFS could hire someone whom is not terrified of talking to the American Public. And while Miller refuses to speak with the Industry’s widest read publication by Labor, he is more than willing to speak to Hope Gambill whom has refused to pay her business taxes for two years in Florida and is under investigation by the tax assessor!

The analogy is that had the paying customers on board the Titanic been given a vote whether or not to hit the iceberg, we know what they would have done. I personally contacted Miller and offered to take NAMFS off the radar — completely. All I asked for, in return, was that Miller respond to emails. Miller refused. So, without putting the matter to the NAMFS Membership, Miller chose to keep them in the crosshairs. You see, NAMFS had the chance to engage in dialogue and Miller decided on their behalf. Miller decided on behalf of Kyle Nickles. Fine with me. I mean it reiterates the salient point about Kyle Nickles, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) NY Field Services, thinking that he could reach out to me and discuss NAMFS and the IRS 13909 Complaint and then crawl back under the rock he lives under.

By the way Kyle, thanks for the info as at least it was worth the time you took to call me!  😉

Eric Miller has has eliminated opposition by silencing and often blackballing anyone whom dares defy the Miller Regime. Miller’s appearance of invincibility is unraveling, though. The enrichment of Miller and his family; the over half a million dollars — not counting the lavish travel trips, all expenses paid — he and his family have pocketed while running NAMFS, are beginning to spark ire amongst some of the NAMFS Rank and File whom are told, time and again, that they must cut their own expenses.

When most people think of crime families, Vito and Michael Corleone of The Godfather come to mind. The reality, though, is that since the death of John Ward, founder of NAMFS, the corruption withinFotor_143618593140239 NAMFS has become a systemic and out of control problem. In fact, Eric Miller presided over both the appointment of Heather Berghorst, the now disgraced and former NAMFS Secretary, as well as Joe Hummel whom has been convicted of financial crimes and yet is seated on the NAMFS Conference and Fundraising Committee.

The enrichment of Eric Miller and his family upon the largess of NAMFS Member Dues has followed a parallel course with the most dramatic upswing in fraud within NAMFS in its entire history combined. At the pinnacle of fraud is Heather Berghorst. Berghorst has been granted her second bankruptcy while a Member of NAMFS; ordered on two separate occasions by a federal judge to pay Members of Labor a cumulative total of over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS; and is pending yet another federal action by Fifth Third Bank for Willful and Malicious Injury.

It came as no surprise when Heather Berghorst followed in the same footsteps as Eric Miller in attempting to silence Foreclosurepedia by and through frivolous threats of litigation.

All is not well within NAMFS under the Miller Regime. As opposed to NAMFS under John Ward, NAMFS Rank and File are now either refusing to pay their dues or no longer have the money to pay as demonstrated by an intercepted letter which was dispatched from Intuit earlier this year under the authority of Eric Miller,

Dear Members,

NAMFS invoices membership dues each January. NAMFS also sent a first round of statements in late January/early February. We are sending out this second round of statements and would appreciate your prompt remittance.

Thank you for your membership and support!

Conventional wisdom suggests that corruption is a fundamental barrier to the enjoyment of free interstate commerce. Ironically, though, the prevailing attitude by Eric Miller appears to be that Members of Labor have it coming; that Members of Labor deserve to have fraud committed against them. I draw this opinion from the fact that Eric Miller has never once addressed a single issue of fraud committed by the very people whom pay his salary. In fact, Miller’s position has been, time and again, that he has no control over his own Membership. Miller would lead all of us to believe that while he is able to usurp the NAMFS By Laws by illegally appointing Joe Hummel to a NAMFS Committee when Hummel did not have the requisite requirements, Miller is not allowed to lawfully call for Ethics Investigations.

Eric Miller and his family have enriched themselves upon the fraudulently collected monies submitted by NAMFS Offender Members for payment of their dues. In fact, possessing full knowledge and testimony from multiple victims, Eric Miller refused to ever remove Heather Berghorst from the NAMFS Membership rolls as a Member in good standing. Miller did the same with respect the Adam and Amanda Buczek. Eric Miller did the same thing with SEAS LLC even possessing a $10,000 fraudulent check deposited in the US Mail which bounced when a Member of Labor attempted to cash it.

Time and again Eric Miller has displayed a reckless disregard for what I consider to be an ethical responsibility as an Executive Director of a federal non profit association. Now, whether Miller and his family’s over half a million dollar reward is due to his excellent leadership or his willingness to sweep things under the carpet is a question left best to the Foreclosurepedia Nation.

You see, that is precisely the problem. In the same way that the financial institutions removed the personal element from the foreclosure process; in the same way that Sue Bunnell, the part time Catholic whom swore an Oath as an officer of the court and to God Himself, the lines begin to blur when self preservation begins to kick into full gear.

You see, in the same way that the financial institutions executed upon EPIC levels of fraud by and through their robo signing, neither Eric Miller nor Sue Bunnell know even the names of those whom their very actions destroy. They do not know — and honestly do not care — about whether they have children or wives or husbands. You see, both Miller and Bunnell are trying to both say that they have no idea what anyone is talking about — forget the fact that Sue Bunnell stated to me that Aspen Grove Solution’s actions were EXTORTION —  and yet they personally possess inordinate amounts showing that at minimum they are each complicit in what I believe are atrocities committed daily against innocent human beings.

No matter how atrocious and deceitful Eric Miller’s NAMFS #FraudFest golfing buddies become, the fact of the matter is it appears that provided Miller and his family receive the One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars Plus per year, Eric Miller will ensure that never shall they be brought to face NAMFS Ethics Investigations. The record is pretty clear on this. And Sue Bunnell? Well, I guess she and her Diocese are keeping that which she believes in the confessional — along with the little boys and the rest of the sordid mess.

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