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Wells Fargo Severs Ties With Prime Vendor Over Liens

For years, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members have conspired to defraud Minority Females and Labor. Whether it be through systematic chargebacks; whether it be through purposeful misclassification of employees; or whether it be through the illegal demands to waive all liens upon yet assigned work orders, NAMFS members have finally crossed a bridge too far. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, is a man whom is paid over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year. Miller’s salary consumes nearly Eighty Percent of all NAMFS Member Dues. As a non profit organization, this fact alone is enough to bring regulatory scrutiny. Miller, in conjunction with NAMFS President and CEO of Rowe Enterprises Justis Smith, have long known about the financial problems with respect to servicing Wells Fargo assets. In fact, Smith has recently suffered extreme financial distress over Wells Fargo refusing to pay Rowe Enterprises. This, in turn, led to her inability to pay victims whom had performed services upon Wells Fargo assets on behalf of Rowe Enterprises.

For years, Minority Females and Labor took for granted the fact that a percentage of their earned pay would be stolen from them by NAMFS members. And for years, these victims hid, in shame, believing that no one would ever help them and stop the financial terrorism. Today, that has all changed, thanks to the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST).

The IAFST represents a bipartisan group of Management and Labor within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Additionally, the IAFST represents Adjusters, Processors, and Realtors®, and Technology Providers. Understanding that the lifecycle of a distressed asset requires a comprehensive approach, the IAFST addresses portfolio holder’s issues with a cradle-to-grave mentality and frees up data by disengaging the siloed approach currently used by NAMFS members. In fact, time and again, the IAFST fields conversations with disgruntled Asset Managers whom are required to use multiple platforms in order to understand the lifecycle of a distressed asset. Moreover, though, due to antiquated software — a monopolization enforced by NAMFS — time, money, and quality are all sacrificed only to benefit a closed system which no longer works. This is precisely part of the problem that NAMFS has created and continues to foster.

When Wells Fargo allowed** Brookstone Management to perform their services upon FHA insured properties, many raised eyebrows. Time and again, Wells Fargo has demonstrated their recalcitrant behavior with respect to pay debts owed. Multiple sources have stated that Wells Fargo is, bar none, the worst financial institution to work for including former senior Nationstar officials. Additionally, the Fourteen Billion Dollars in fines against Wells Fargo for a slew of criminal activity; Wells Fargo’s recent capping at 2017 levels, in conjunction with the forced firing of their Board of Directors and departure of their CEO, Tim Sloan, in the wake of yet more scandals. The only people currently defending Wells Fargo’s failure to pay victims within the Industry, are NAMFS members.

For several months, Foreclosurepedia brought forward factual information of Minority Females and Labor not being paid. With the collapse of Primestar Field Services, owned by John Ryals, and a NAMFS Member, thousands of inspections upon FHA insured properties went unpaid to victims even as Brookstone Management and Wells Fargo submitted to FHA that they were, in fact paid. While the US Government refused to act, many stalwart firms agreed to pay IAFST Members including Guardian Asset Management, M&M Mortgage, Northsight Management, ServiceLink, Twenty Two Hill, and ZVN Properties. It is the first time in the history of the Industry, that I am aware of, wherein Management came together recognizing that there was a problem and Management was willing to be part of the solution.

On multiple occasions, Abraham Goodman, owner of Brookstone Management, was contacted with respect to failure to pay for services rendered upon FHA insured properties controlled by Wells Fargo. Goodman came into the Industry after merging Goody’s Property Preservation with Brookstone Management. In a move which puzzled virtually all industry insiders, Brookstone Management landed a direct relationship** with Wells Fargo. And from that day forward, it was a downward spiral.

David Hess is a retired US Marshal. Hess participated in the US Marshals Violent Fugitive Task Force.  When Hess left the US Marshals, he began work within the Industry. One of his Clients was Brookstone Management. After performing numerous services upon FHA insured assets Brookstone Management oversaw for Wells Fargo, Hess became fed up with never being paid.

Hess reached out to both Foreclosurepedia and the IAFST with respect to 495 Cedar Creek Drive, Pounding Mill, Virginia, HUD Case Number 541-820113. A deeper investigation of Hess’s complaints revealed that this property, which Hess serviced, had been moved from pre conveyance — the REO Bank Owned sphere — to post conveyance — where the asset is owned outright by the Secretary of HUD — status. And while Hess had multiple FHA insured properties which Brookstone Management owed upon, this one was a serious violation of law. Wells Fargo had submitted insurance claims upon the FHA 27011 form that all debts owed upon the asset had been paid and that the title was free and clear. In addition, ISN Corporation, the HUD Mortgagee Compliance Manager (MCM) had also performed an audit of the billing and signed off on the process. Many people are not aware of the fact that when it comes to FHA, USDA, and VA insured assets, the US Government underwrites the mortgage by and through an insurance and guarantee of payment process.

According to the Congressional Research Service, in FY2018, FHA insured over 1 million new mortgages (including both home purchase and refinance mortgages) with a combined principal balance of $209 billion. In our Industry, rarely, if ever, does a financial institution pay outright for services rendered. What happens is that claims for services such as lock changes, winterizations, debris removal, and lawn maintenance are submitted upon the FHA 27011 as pass through expenses — the financial institution is barred from profiting from any of the services rendered upon the asset insured. In the case of Hess, Brookstone Management ordered appliances to be purchased and installed — a rather rare event — and instead of paying Hess, Brookstone Management elected to refuse to do such. Foreclosurepedia liaised with Senior HUD Officials with respect to Hess’s claims and after Hess filled liens, HUD finally took action.

Senior HUD Officials ordered the Philadelphia HOC Director to investigate and further, the HUD National Servicing Center (NCS) intervened with Wells Fargo.

How ISN Corporation, the HUD MCM ever allowed for the property to be conveyed over to HUD is a question which no one wants to talk about. For years, Foreclosurepedia has brought forward issue after issue to HUD and even HUD OIG, almost all of which have been pigeonholed purposefully. Whistleblowers were brought forward in multiple cases where HUD testified to the fact that they did not even know there were only several keys which open up the entire foreclosure industry they oversee. In other occasions, whistleblowers employed by the very offenders they worked for were threatened and still HUD remained silent. The level of governmental and corporate malfeasance is nothing short of #Epic! And in most cases, Foreclosurepedia submits is conspiratorially connected between the HUD Prime Vendor for the Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) contract and the HUD MCM, ISN Corporation.

Hess’s liened property is still listed for sale by HUD Secretary Ben Carson. Instead of addressing the illegal transfer of title and lawfully deployed lien, HUD appears to be more concerned about protecting their political financial contributor, Wells Fargo. It does not go unnoticed that Secretary Carson’s former trusted adviser and HUD’s acting general counsel, Beth Zorc, is now actively lobbying for Wells Fargo.

Hess wasn’t the only person whom was fed up with how NAMFS members were bankrupting him. Sheri Murtaugh, owner of Platinum Property Services in Alabama had enough, as well. 3362 Dandale Drive, Mobile, Alabama, is an FHA insured asset maintained by Brookstone Management on behalf of Wells Fargo. Murtaugh is a US Army Veteran with over a decade of experience in the Industry and an IAFST Member. For months, Murtaugh attempted to be paid for services rendered. And when her requests fell upon deaf ears, Murtaugh filed a lien. This case is a bit more interesting, though.

Murtaugh brought forward evidence to HUD Senior Officials with respect to the above Brookstone Management asset managed upon behalf of Wells Fargo. Currently listed for sale on, it boggles the mind to understand how HUD’s MCM, ISN Corporation is, once again, able to state that the title is free and clear. This, combined with another interesting twist of a confidential informant, Jason Fosmore, from Mobile, Alabama, attempting to obtain information on Murtaugh, shows the lengths to which NAMFS members will go to keep hidden their dark secrets.

These are only a few examples of the criminality which involves ISN Corporation, Brookstone Management, and Wells Fargo. Moreover, though, all of this is ongoing under the umbrella of Secretary Ben Carson. The instant cases demonstrate why it is vital that Contractors pay close attention to the dates that they are to receive payments and to demand that those payments rendered are itemized. Brookstone Management refuses to send any type of itemization when they rarely do send checks.

If you are a victim of Brookstone Management and are an IAFST Member, reach out today so that we may assist you with payments. If you are not an IAFST Member, now would be a good time to join!

** Editor’s Note:  Our contention is that Wells Fargo, whether by Prime Vendor status or otherwise, has a duty and obligation to know the entire chain-of-command with respect to an asset which, in this case, was FHA insured. Above and beyond requirements from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Wells Fargo submits claims upon the FHA 27011 for insurance payments. Whether or not Wells Fargo chooses to identify each and every person is immaterial. The auditing process demanded by both HUD (FHA) and otherwise requires Wells Fargo to properly audit from the top down.

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wage and hour violation $214,903,723 25
anti-money-laundering deficiencies $163,500,000 3
securities issuance or trading violation $155,724,465 4
price-fixing or anti-competitive practices $148,000,000 1
benefit plan administrator violation $130,775,000 6

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