Viruses Spreading Throughout Industry

BREAKING NEWS:  Brunswick Insurance and M&M Mortgage have both had their email servers hacked and/or email addresses compromised. Yesterday, thousands of Contractors began to receive emails containing a pdf_src email attachment allegedly containing an Invoice from Brunswick Companies and additional emails from Juan Gonzalez appearing to the average user to be a typical Portable Document File attachment. Many of the normal anti virus programs actually failed in identifying this as an executable piece of software.

Foreclosurepedia is currently down in South Carolina consulting to a client and replacing all of their software while this email attachment came in. We had installed a new, open source platform which identified the problem.

Foreclosurepedia had, early on, warned that after the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) website became infected along with Spectrum Field Services, that this would spread like wildfire. These warnings went unlistened to and now it is believed that the entirety of the Mortgage Field Services Industry has been compromised including Aspen Grove Solutions.

Foreclosurepedia is available for those members of Labor or Management whom need assistance in ensuring that their systems are both uncompromised and if compromised correcting the problems. While NAMFS Offender Members continue to infect the entirety of the Industry, they incorrectly believe that just like the fraud they commit, this is not a crime.

Reach out to Foreclosurepedia today if you need a free consultation. It is far cheaper than hiring a lawyer to represent you when your Work Order uploads infecting exponentially other system to hire Foreclosurepedia to conduct an audit and assist with any issues you may have. Make no mistake whatsoever that while Foreclosurepedia does not condone that which is currently ongoing with respect to the cyber attacks within this Industry, it represents the roosters coming home to roost. Eric Miller was warned, personally by myself, to fix the NAMFS Website and refused to even acknowledge my emails. If anyone wants someone to blame, go no further than the NAMFS Regime.


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