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The Science Of Opinion: How A Blog Overturned An Industry

Santa Claus was created by Coca Cola. True story; the modern perception of Santa Claus was a successful advertising campaign by Coke. Visual acuity in 1931 is the equivalent of modern Google SEO today. The Internet is far more than a hodgepodge of websites. The World Wide Web is quantum. The inner mechanisms of Social Media are actively impacting the Web daily. Simply take a stroll down the landscape of Google and associate any given Company or person in this Industry and you’re going to find Foreclosurepedia Preaching the Gospel generally on Page One.

There is no Off Button on the Internet; there is no Do Over. When Common Names are associated with tens of thousands of repetitive entries in a mathematical formula — you see, everything you view at the end of the day is a zero or a one — they become inextricably interwoven into the Web.

Most of these Firms attempt to first engage people from a litigious point-of-view. With Companies, it will sometimes work; in the case of Foreclosurepedia it never will as opinion based information is legal. The Obama Administration’s threats against us aside; we are humbled because we could not have bought PR like that, Foreclosurepedia bows to no one. The next tactic is to attempt to flood the Internet with Positive orientated material. From a Mainstream point-of-view; from the Drive By Media’s context that might be effective, but not in the Property Preservation Industry.

We are actually seeing the attempt to purchase the keyboard of several Publications out there today. Sad, really. Sad when you look at those folks whom used to have credible information now associated with Sponsored Content. While I have never been to college; while I am probably frowned upon by the Drive By Media folks whom have the nicely framed Diplomas hanging from their cubicles, the reality is that my Sourcing is now better than anything they could have ever hoped for in the Mortgage Field Services Industry — at least on the beat I cover.

Change is both costly and painful. Eric Miller aside, no Firm will ever be able to clean the name of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services up after the entirety of the corruption is revealed. Each and every one of you; from York – Jersey to the most lowly of the NAMFS Members will read my opinion each and every day in a cold sweat wondering if today is the day.

I am writing this because I read some Pulp Fiction internal emails about how Miller was going to fix everything; about how the Great One was going to work on the PR Image by doing some good work for Veterans with other NAMFS Members and predicted I would eventually get tired and stop typing. I suggest you reach out to Jason Rosenberg, Assurant’s hired hand, and ask him about my ability to generate prolific amounts of written material.

You see, one’s Opinion eventually becomes the kaleidoscope through which America believes is Gospel. Take for example the Big Three of the Insurance Industry for Mortgage Field Services. When I realized, early on, that neither Jonnie Rumbaugh the Executive Vice President of York Jersey nor Michelle Hirsch the Senior Vice President of Brunswick Companies were going to allow a truly accredited and certified model of testing in front of the Insurance Underwriters I began laying the groundwork for their demise.

Hirsch gladly put Eric Miller’s unaccredited and uncertifed testing in front of the Insurance Underwriters. Why? My belief is that the payout is large — very large. Remember Hirsch’s Interview on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast? No rebating rolled off the tongue like No New Taxes in the Bush Administration. Remember Rumbaugh’s Denial that the NAMFS Claims Library was NAMFS?! Yeah, you get the point.


Hirsch and Rumbaugh both get some good old fashion undivided attention this holiday season. Family Risk Businesses aside — Dad really should have advised the daughter better — we are going to have some heart-to-heart conversations with the Insurance Industry Commissioners in half a dozen states whom seem puzzled how it is that ONLY Rumbaugh and Hirsch seem to be capable of providing insurance. Yeah, these NAMFS Members — Oh, did I forget to mention that the very same Industry that created the criminality within the Rank and File of the NAMFS Members also has Hirsch and Rumbaugh as Members?!

Hell, this Holiday Season is going to look like a good old fashion Witch Burning when we are done. A real Hoe Down Hillbilly style. You don’t want to miss out on this Train Wreck coming down the tracks!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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