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The NAMFS Regime: Why The Aspen Grove Solutions Model Just Bought Employees

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has never been known to be an Association with much common sense. Even the Members under its roof whom run roughshod over Contractors in their Ponzi type Schemes never really are up to par with current criminal standards. Recently, though, Eric Miller whom is the Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime struck a deal with Aspen Grove Solutions to steamroll out a Background and Credit Check System for Contractors which went beyond the pale of the normal con artist angle. Miller, whom receives OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, decided to shove one of the most horrific piles of shit down the Mortgage Field Services Industry’s throats. Now, what Miller and Deanna Alfredo, et al. are receiving in exchange for this is unknown at this time; however, I would bet dimes to donuts that the kickbacks are enormous. First, though, let’s take a look at the letter you get when First Advantage runs a Background and Credit Check on a 1099 Contractor. This was ordered to be performed by a NAMFS Regime Member upon a Contractor,

The Reply A Contractor Gets From A First Advantage Background and Credit Check
The Reply A Contractor Gets From A First Advantage Background and Credit Check

Hmnn, no one recalls applying to be an employee. In fact and Equifax is being contacted, if this was used as the basis for the Credit Check (completely unheard of in virtually ANY INDUSTRY) and Background Check, it is potentially criminal. Also noteworthy is that there have now been six complete and separate sets of documents generated by National Field Network. That is a hell of a lot of paperwork floating around with $8 an hour temps thumbing through information protected under a plethora of state and federal laws. Make no mistake whatsoever that National Field Network is on notice that they are going to receive the lion’s share of attention for their, at best, unethical behavior.

It is additionally noteworthy that National Field Network solicits their Contractor information via http and not https. Nothing new, though; amateur hour as usual. What is most noteworthy is that National Field Network advertised a need for Contractors in Tennessee. When National Field Network ran every check known to man including the Credit Check they immediately stated there was no work in Tennessee. This will be covered in an upcoming article with heavy emphasis placed upon my belief that National Field Network engaged in both false advertising and civil rights violations.

Bear in mind that the LAST THING this Industry ever wanted, in light of the Buczek Enterprises SIX FIGURE, out of court settlement with Brad Hurst, is documentation stating Contractors were employees. Sure as shit, though, Miller is on his Captain Ahab adventure steering the USS NAMFS into uncharted waters which spell doom for the Regime’s Membership. I mean I get that Miller, et al., are virtually paupers, but why bring down each and every legitimate Company with this drunken madness?

I have a call, tomorrow afternoon, with a federal investigator over at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). I mean here is a classic case-in-point wherein the Mortgage Field Services Industry; where the NAMFS Regime, knows beyond all reasonable doubt, that Contractors are employees. Look, Equifax is not the new kid on the block. They categorically know what language they are using — the question is whether or not Aspen Grove Solutions vis-a-vis First Advantage understand the ramifications.

The NAMFS Regime bowed down to pressure from Foreclosurepedia in #OpBerghorst lest Heather Berghorst would still be listed as the Secretary of the NAMFS Regime. In #OpBuczekEnterprises and #OpTeamRegime Buczek Enterprises was financially destroyed for the atrocities they committed in similar manner to Heather Berghorst. In #OpBoyd, Carol Boyd was gutted for her crimes. Ironic, really that Keith Murray of VRM Mortgage Services would even appear on the front cover of this month’s Mortgage Servicing News — don’t worry Keith, we are going to make sure you get your TRUE fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol spoke of. I am sure that good ‘ol Brandon Kirkham remembers us and his nasty threats of litigation. As go most NAMFS Regime threats, nothing but hot air from short skirts.

What the NAMFS Regime Rank and File are going to have to wrap their minds around is the fact that simply initiating the self proclaimed Minister of Propaganda Terry Platt into their ranks does not absolve them of their actions. Even Platt, though, has realized that security must be a priority as we will discuss later this week in his proactive step of adding https to QC University.

The reality is that the Mortgage Field Services Industry is being brought, kicking and screaming, into the world of legal commerce. Firms such as Altisource and other portfolio servicers are beginning to lead the charge as they realize that not only does ensuring legal compliance at all levels please US Regulators, it also makes good business sense. Of most particular interest and surprisingly underneath the National Association of Mortgage Field Services roof is Sterling BackCheck. Sterling is a complete 180 with respect to Aspen Grove Solutions, a firm under the command and control of foreign nationals — Sterling’s founder and owner is a 40 year veteran of the Background Check Industry and a New York Native. As opposed to their competition, Sterling has a list of credentials a mile long. Later this week we are going to open the doors on Sterling and show both Clients and Contractors why Foreclosurepedia believes that Sterling is the obvious choice in a world full of both liability — like we have pointed out in this article — and compliance pitfalls.

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