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The NAMFS Regime: Running Out Of Lambs To Slaughter

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is running into a problem. They are running out of innocent Contractors — lambs — to slaughter. With more and more people now spreading the word about Foreclosurepedia and the Potential Contractor Lien Database Property Baggage, defrauding innocent victims — I mean when you refuse to pay people in accordance with a legally binding Contract based upon your incompetence that is fraud.

You have to hand it to HomeStar. Fresh off the Seven Million Dollar in the hole debacle, they first refuse to update anyone on monies they owe and then they come out with the Kool Aid for everyone to drink! I mean Stevy McCluskey must of had a traumatic brain injury! No other way to explain to people that we owe you money, but pay us and you can join our Club and we will (maybe) pay you faster!

Before I became involved in investigating the rapidly deteriorating Fraud Fest that the NAMFS Regime commonly refers to as the Mortgage Field Services Industry, I thought I had seen it all. Loan sharks, drug dealers, porn smugglers; these people are Choir Boys compared to the shit that seeps out of Eric Miller’s Black Hand Gang. I mean even under Omerta, there is a sense of honor amongst thieves. The NAMFS Regime? Forget about it! Here is an example of one NAMFS Regime Member sticking it to another,

What’s also pathetic here is it looks like NFN is a good guy for “firing us.” It was quite the opposite. NFN had a huge negative impact on our books due to non-payment. Forget slow pay we we talking non pay.

When you look Buczek Enterprises and their millions of dollars defaulted against Contractors — still no payments I have heard of — and juxtapose that with Amanda Buczek Lewis’ party in the green light down in Cancún and honeymoon in Maui, the full scope of the calculated atrocities come into view. We have mothers in New Jersey whom could not even afford heating oil this past winter and are you curious what Amanda Buczek Lewis’ thought about that? Take a look below at this obscene display of sloth and greed which best exemplifies Amanda Buczek Lewis and the Buczek Clan,

Living It Up On Contractor's Monies Owed In Cancún
Living It Up On Contractor’s Monies Owed In Cancún

I want Contractors to take a good, long, hard look at this grotesque display of insensitivity. Having no remorse of displaying her escapades, Amanda Buczek Lewis rubs Contractor’s faces in the fact that they were never paid for the work they did. Simply the dress Amanda Buczek Lewis wore in this photo could have bought a Contractor’s hungry child food for nearly a month!

The NAMFS Regime has a real sterling track record going these days under their Commandant Eric Miller. Not to be outdone, Miller receives OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS WHICH CONSUMES NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS REGIME MEMBER DUES. What really rubs salt in the wounds is that Herr Eric Miller has NEVER WORKED IN THE FIELD A DAY IN HIS LIFE!

For those out there whom continue to push the NAMFS Regime Agenda and it is rolling heavily over on CubicYard, remind me again precisely what is it that the NAMFS Regime does? Let me see: As a 501 (c)(6) Non Profit Association they assisted a FOR PROFIT Foreign National, Aspen Grove Solutions, in their illegal conquests upon Contractors. For to say THAT ONLY ONE COMPANY ON EARTH IS CAPABLE OF BACKGROUND CHECKS goes beyond the pale of Sherman Act, Anti Trust violations. Their charging of THIRTEEN TIMES THAT WHICH other Firms charge; bearing in mind these Foreigners do not EVEN PERFORM THEIR OWN BACKGROUND CHECKS, is the epitome of Organized Crime! Those other Firms? Take TLO: They were responsible for tracking down some of the 9/11 Terrorists! The OWN THEIR OWN DATABASE and are now owned by TransUnion for G-d’s sake! I mean do the Micks have a Credit Reporting System that outweighs TransUnion? I cannot spell WTF large enough to convey the insanity that NAMFS Regime Rank and File are financing!

The NAMFS Regime have shown their true colors. When you truly drill down upon the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors — which we are going to do and give them the SAME GOOGLE SEO that Amanda Buczek Lewis now has — you begin to see all the hallmarks of Nazi Germany revisited. I mean even the Mafia are not so brazen and embolden!

For those NAMFS Regime Rank and File whom continue to pound salt about Change I ask where is the Change for those Contractors defrauded?! I ask you this: Why is it that NOT A SINGLE NAMFS REGIME MEMBER brought Buczek Enterprises up on Ethics Complaints?! I mean do the NAMFS Regime Canons ring a bell? Are they simply hollow words? Mark my words, each and every NAMFS Regime Member will stand before G-d one day and He will ask the same question! You cannot espouse religious beliefs like Carol Boyd did on Sunday and then allow fraud to occur Monday through Saturday! Eric Miller states there is no proof — Is not Altisource cutting ALL CONTRACTS WITH BUCZEK ENTERPRISES proof enough?

And how about your NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst?! Explain to me precisely how it is that Altisource has severed all Contracts with Berghorst Enterprises based, in part, upon her inability to pay Contractors, and yet she is not only a NAMFS Regime Board Member, but the Secretary!

I give HUGE CREDIT to Altisource for both obeying the law and attempting to right wrongs. Altisource is a beacon in the darkness; a testament to the fact that there is still a glimmer of hope for humanity in the NAMFS Regime. It would do well for other NAMFS Rank and File to follow suit and refuse to allow iniquities like those I have reported upon to continue.

History will reflect that Altisource stood on the side of law and justice. As the Congressional Hearings begin to ramp up around election time; as the media cycles crank into overdrive placing the Mortgage Field Services Industry under a microscope, Regulators will see that Altisource had the ability to self regulate.

I call bullshit when I see it. This isn’t just bullshit, this is the Holy Grail of BULLSHIT! I have diligently been working on a book about the Mortgage Field Services Industry — The Dark Pool memoirs for want of better words. When it publishes; when it hits the shelves, your friends and neighbors are going to begin to ask real personal questions. When you go to take communion and your Minister hesitates, you are going to know that they received a free copy. You see, that is the beauty of debate in America. You cannot keep the atrocities of the NAMFS Regime hidden forever. People will eventually ask precisely why NAMFS Regime Members did not demand accountability. In the end, the Truth cannot be silenced. The Truth seeks the Light and cannot be hidden away in Darkness forever.

The Poster Child of the NAMFS Regime
The Poster Child of the NAMFS Regime

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