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The Grean Team: Spam Is Benchmark Setting These Days

Many on here remember Fadie Hany Arney and if you don't simply enter his name in the Search Bar or Google as Foreclosurepedia is Page One, First Listing for Areny and Page One, Second Listing for The Grean Team. Arney is the fellow whom went on Bigger Pockets to confess his illegal and unethical behavior several years back. Since then, Areny has expanded his horizons to include posting his marijuana selfies and now apparently obtaining the private contact information for Contractors working within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Did I forget to mention that The Grean Team website is down and under construction?!

For everyone who has no clue what I [Fadie Areny] am talking about I am sure you can find it on this forum, but what happened was that I was asked by my Uncle to sell his properties that he had in Arizona which were not owned by me at all. So what I went ahead and did was go ahead and post about the properties as if they were owned by me, the first mistake. Then I proceeded with very little information on the actual properties and posted false information that the properties were in fact positive cash flow properties when in reality the cash flow was negative from every property, my second mistake.

Areny has been working hand-in-hand with folks over at ...

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