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The Grean Team: Spam Is Benchmark Setting These Days

Many on here remember Fadie Hany Arney and if you don’t simply enter his name in the Search Bar or Google as Foreclosurepedia is Page One, First Listing for Areny and Page One, Second Listing for The Grean Team. Arney is the fellow whom went on Bigger Pockets to confess his illegal and unethical behavior several years back. Since then, Areny has expanded his horizons to include posting his marijuana selfies and now apparently obtaining the private contact information for Contractors working within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Did I forget to mention that The Grean Team website is down and under construction?!

For everyone who has no clue what I [Fadie Areny] am talking about I am sure you can find it on this forum, but what happened was that I was asked by my Uncle to sell his properties that he had in Arizona which were not owned by me at all. So what I went ahead and did was go ahead and post about the properties as if they were owned by me, the first mistake. Then I proceeded with very little information on the actual properties and posted false information that the properties were in fact positive cash flow properties when in reality the cash flow was negative from every property, my second mistake.

Areny has been working hand-in-hand with folks over at …Work Market for over a year now in an attempt to funnel work orders from the Industry into the Work Market database infrastructure and have Contractors sign up with Work Market, via The Grean Team, in hopes of getting the jobs. I actually spoke with Fadie Areny and James Droskoski last month pertaining to their infrastructure. When neither Work Market nor The Grean Team were able to produce bona fide statistics or metrics which would substantiate the veracity of the information provided, I bowed out.

Areny and I are in two different and distinct fields within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Areny is involved in the acquisition of Labor to provide to Order Mills from which he profits from. I, on the other hand, am involved in the Entertainment and Media Sector of the Industry. I Consult to both Labor and Management and and am involved in Advocacy for those whom have lost their housing due, in part, to the heinous actions orchestrated by both Order Mills and Financial Institutions.

Regardless of what Industry Segment Areny, Work Market and I are involved in, there are state and federal laws which regulate how we are legally allowed to interact with people via email solicitation. I say Work Market because in The Grean Team’s email solicitations, it is quite clear that both Work Market and The Grean Team are in a for profit relationship:  “The Grean Team, Inc. has an opportunity for you on Work Market, the world’s largest enterprise marketplace for work. ” As a matter of fact, to even join The Grean Team, a person is sent to Work Market‘s website which acts as the conduit in the creation of an Affiliate Account vis-a-vis Work Market as demonstrated by the link ( So, Work Market is, for the third time, tied directly to the hip of Areny.

Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003 (CAN SPAM) is the Federal Law enacted in 2003 pertaining to Commercial Email Spam. Now, with respect to Areny, we are able to prove that Areny has purchased and offered to purchase email lists which have Contractor information in them. In fact, when questioned with respect to his attempted purchase of Richard Law’s Society of Field Inspectors (SOFI) Email List, Areny stated, I also have the SOFI lists, have had that a long time ago. Richard Law stated, He made on inquiry in 3/5/14. My database notes say that we did not sell them any SOFI product or  list under the name The Green Team or Fadie Hany Areny.

Why is this important? First, it confirms that Areny actively engaged in the overt actions of attempting to obtain email lists. Second and in conjunction with Terry Platt, Areny stated that he had additionally sourced Platt’s email listings in the past. So, let’s talk about the legality of using an opt in email list which your Firm did not legally prepare. Using a purchased list means you’re not adhering to the ISP and email client guidelines. Furthermore, purchased lists often generate really high bounces, get flagged as spam by recipients and have low read rates.

Now, how am I able to confirm with absolute certainty that Areny has obtained emails through illicit means? My girlfriend received an email from The Grean Team yesterday as I am sure many others did.

From: The Grean Team<>
Date: Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 10:56 PM
Subject: Grow your business with The Grean Team!

My girlfriend has not been in the Property Preservation Industry for almost half a year now. She has never spoken to nor written Areny. It is impossible for her to have received email from The Grean Team unless The Grean Team harvested her email address.

In fact, The Grean Team‘s email is deceptive, in and of itself. Having all the hallmarks of the National Association of Mortgage Field Service (NAMFS) Regime Anointed Propaganda Minster Terry Platt, the term The Grean Team has a Trade Mark associated with it. This is, in fact, total and complete bullshit. We conducted a Trade Mark Search within the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) for The Grean Team and nothing was found. In fact, this is part and parcel for the results when we ran checks on virtually each and every TM Platt ever assigned on his own CubicYard website. More on point, it would appear that neither Platt nor Areny are anywhere to be found within TESS. To make sure, we have submitted a written request to TESS to verify if either own, have ever owned or applied for any Trade Marks.

Generally speaking, when you find hustle, Terry Platt is close by. We all remember Platt’s shakedown for the $1800 per victim for his Porn Store Comics. When he couldn’t make it in the writing business — in between being a Confidential Informant, Ship Captain, and a score of other bullshit — he went after Pacific Preservation, Keystone and Ironclad to sponsor his QC University. When that didn’t pan out, he teamed up with Kim Fatica, the now missing SEAS LLC mouthpiece, to hustle Self Accreditation. So, it makes sense that his Porn Store Comics motif would appear on The Grean Team‘s unsolicited emails.

So, whom is behind the The Grean Team‘s recent push to get money from Contractors? Well, The Grean Team is running a Crowdfund Start Up. We were pleased to note that Foreclosurepedia is included as citation along with Forbes and LinkedIn for The Grean Team‘s Media Section. [Editor’s Note 27AUG14: The information pertaining to President has been redacted as it was never formally accepted]. Terry Platt is the Chairman of The Grean Team. Hadeel Areny is The Grean Team‘s Chief Financial Officer (more on Hadeel later this weekend). And Michelle Bunting rounds out The Grean Team as their Chief Sustainability Officer — wow, that’s a new one on me!

Updated Crowdfund Chart. The President’s Office was never accepted

Google is one of those interesting things. Take for example the Google Search for Fadie Hany Areny. You will find that Foreclosurepedia is THE NUMBER ONE SPOT ON PAGE ONE OF GOOLGE! Now, I am sure that Platt will work his wonders that he preaches to fix that — yeah right. More on point, though, Firm’s like Work Market need to determine precisely how long they want to continue being associated with not just the negativity of The Grean Team, but with The Grean Team‘s blatant disregard for the law.

To receive ANY CORRESPONDENCE from Foreclosurepedia, a person must jump through several hoops. First, they must submit their email address and have it validated. The Grean Team does not do that. Second, depending upon what type of information a person desires, they must register an Active Account. The Grean Team does not require this either as demonstrated by their unsolicited communications to purchase products sent to my girlfriend. Finally, the opt out provision must be honored. This is important as I have every intention of pushing the CAN SPAM Complaint against Work Market and The Grean Team. Why, you ask, is this important? Because it is a SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE PER VIOLATION!

Areny’s response to my and my girlfriend’s demand to remove her from The Grean Team‘s Email Campaign was, “Watch me destroy you single-handedly Mr. Williams.” I like that. Finally, someone whom overtly wishes to go down the Rabbit Hole. Gotta tell you Areny, the marijuana laws in Arizona are not that liberal and we both know that the pot is the least of your worries, ‘eh?!

Work Market, it appears to me, has created the perfect environment for fraud, deceit and corruption in their relationship with Areny. I am not sure of how many other Industry Companies out there would allow their Contractors to publicly demonstrate their involvement with marijuana, be an admitted fraudster with respect to real estate transactions, have a blog labeling themselves as a UNITED SOLDIER OF ALLAH as Areny does on his blog, is troubling at best! I mean not too many places where narcotics, radical Islam and fraud spin well. Hey, maybe Work Market has a different world view than most White Anglo Saxon Conservative Bankers?!

The reality is that I am rather skeptical of the legality of the movement of Industry Work Orders on Work Market. First, no one has any idea whatsoever about the financial or criminal backgrounds of anyone whom might have access to the servers Work Market runs. Additionally, there are extreme privacy issues at play here. Not only are there privacy issues with Work Market, whom is not even a part of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, there are deeply troubling issues with respect to The Grean Team. With Terry Platt as The Grean Team‘s Chairman, we are definitely concerned with Platt’s continued problems arising with respect to his ability to remain financially solvent taking into consideration his medical issues which he discussed candidly, last year. Couple this with Platt’s untimely involvement with Kim Fatica during the SEAS LLC fiasco, one has a recipe for disaster.

As we release more information later this weekend on Hadeel Areny and Michelle Bunting, I believe we will all come to understand that the Fadie Hany Areny whom was a brash young child whose father abandoned him at a very young age, has not changed very much. In the same way that he repaid the kindness his Uncle gave him by misrepresenting the positive cash flow and ownership of his Uncle’s properties, so Contractors may base their expectations accordingly. Even more on point, as Work Market has ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER to the Mortgage Field Services Industry, one must ask why it is that Areny is sending out Spam in an unsolicited manner to collect yet more data on Contractors. In fact, with the involvement of the NAMFS Regime as Chairman of The Grean Team, are Contractors willing to risk working with Platt and Areny? I mean Contractors are still reeling from the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS owed to them by NAMFS Regime Members including the disgraced, former NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst — now on Bankruptcy Number Two — Contractors need to ask themselves how, precisely, they would ever get paid by Areny or Work Market. We implore Work Market to reach out to Areny and his merry band of hucksters and inform them that legitimate Firms like Work Market will not tolerate unsolicited commercial emails nor do they condone the purchasing of private data on Industry Contractors to enrich both Work Market and The Grean Team.

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