The Four Dollar Window Blinds May Be A Thing Of The Past

Thought it couldn’t get any worse for Members of Labor trying to make a living from what few Members of Management whom actually pay? Well, the four dollar window blinds you buy at Wal Mart or Lowes and you are paid eighty cents or so by the National, Regional and Otherwise Specified Order Mill Offender Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime may soon be a thing of the past.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is about to make home decorating more expensive. Pushed by activists in the name of child safety, the CPSC is poised to outlaw most window blinds that are sold today. Each year Americans buy about 150 million units of window blinds and shades. CPSC regulators claim that banning cords from these products could save 11 lives a year, avoiding strangulation accidents with toddlers.

That’s right. CPSC is looking to add another two to nine dollars per unit which will account for a One Billion Dollar price hike in totality. Go figure and welcome to the Obama Nanny State. Think that the NAMFS Regime is going to go to bat to get Labor fairly compensated? Think again! You heard it first on Foreclosurepedia!


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