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The Continued Protection of JGM Property Group By HUD

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Marcia Fudge has a problem that she doesn’t like to talk about. That problem is her inability to oversee the daily operations of HUD and its Awardees. And her staff seem as incompetent as she, if not more. Candidly, for years HUD has always been a black hole of public funds distributed to special interests under the guise of legitimate contracts, and the reality is that the truth is stranger than fiction. With hundreds of billions of dollars squandered away over the years, the only thing which HUD has to show for it are photo ops for the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and a multitude of collapsing public housing facilities. Putting aside the fact that HUD was and still is, on occasion, used to bury intelligence community funds, the fact of the matter is that no one is manning the helm. And when it comes to properly overseeing their M&M FSM Awardees such as JGM Property Group, the reality is that it would appear that HUD is using them more to distribute malware than anything else. And while this incompetent behavior has been par for the course for Cathy Baker, the M&M Director, the reality is that Secretary Fudge presides over Baker’s train wreck of a career and has been loathe to own the mess.

In any other Industry on earth, when a firm is known to have been co-opted, audits are performed and the public is informed. When it comes to HUD, though, a wall of protection is erected in order to preserve the good name of the foul company and damn the American Public. Baker’s obvious failure as the M&M Director has never been more front and center than in her lack of ability to enforce the AM and FSM Contracts leaving them to simply wither away as US taxpayer dollars feed her mess. Baker is, was, and always will be an abysmal failure whose catastrophic inability to manage HUD Contracting will follow her the remainder of her career.

It has always been a feeding frenzy under the HUD M&M Contract. Lack of oversight and inability to protect the interests of HUD and the US taxpayer is a song and dance that Baker knows well. And weeks ago, when HUD was advised, at the highest levels, that JGM Property Group was distributing malware, Baker did nothing to ensure that anyone other than her special interests were protected. Even the links used by JGM Property Group, under an account operated by a former employee Dawn Gill, was shut down by its provider as seen in the image below. That didn’t phase Baker or Secretary Fudge, though. It was full steam ahead with the infection machine released on the American Public by HUD.

HUD’s response was to completely stonewall any transparency. And while this tactic has been the normal protocol of HUD, this time around it was reinforced in a manner which jeopardized not simply the M&M ecosystem, but the American Public, at large. For those unfamiliar, the M&M stands for the Management and Marketing contract wherein both the Asset Manager (AM) — those whom sell the HUD assets that have not been selectively purchased in hidden sales from HUD to extremely wealthy investors and hedge funds — and the Field Service Manager (FSM) contract. The FSM Contract had been awarded to JGM Property Group over a year ago and still has not been taken possession of. In fact, the HUD M&M FSM 3.10 has been a series of bridge contracts for over three years now — the longest amount of time in the history of HUD. This, alone, has many questioning the legality of refusing to both allow the Awards to move and whether or not there has been protectionism — pay to play — afoot keeping the contracts under their current Awardees.

It has always been this way, though. Protect the offenders — both those whom are Awardees as is the case with JGM Property Group — as well as the HUD personnel whom refuse to do their jobs. Oh, sure, lip service is always provided such as, “We have provided the information to the proper authorities.” The reality, though, is that when you know that the possibilities of infecting large amounts of the American Public is immanent, you do not run smoke screens to protect the offenders. Moreover, though, the problem is in HUD’s administrative DNA in that they refuse to even advise when US taxpayer money is squandered by their very own Awardees and hide behind regulations that they say prevents such reporting.

HUD Secretary Fudge has made no bones that she did not want the HUD appointment. Politico had a pretty good quote that summed up what she wanted,

Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge is making her case for Agriculture secretary, arguing she’s best positioned to take on a cabinet post that has never gone to an African American woman.

“When you look at what African American women did in particular in this election, you will see that a major part of the reason that this Biden-Harris team won was because of African American women,” Fudge said.

Whether it was President Biden’s Alzheimer’s kicking in or simply that African Americans are always used as shills by politicians, it is unknown. What is known is that the Biden Administration shoved her into HUD and left her there. Who did President Biden appoint as the USDA Secretary’s position? Glad you asked because they do not get more white than Thomas J. Vilsack. Here are some of the complaints lodged against Vilsack under Obama: Undermined Food Safety, Promoted Widespread Use of GMOs, Approved Pesticide-Promoting GMOs, Promoted Factory Farms With Funds Intended to Cut Greenhouse Gases, Enabled Privatized Meat Inspection and Harmed Meat Packing Workers, and Promised Industry Competition but Chose the Revolving Door. The biggest of all, though, was Vilsack’s Lying About Helping Black Farmers and Fired Shirley Sherrod, a Black Leader at USDA.

Whether or not Secretary Fudge’s refusal to clean up the M&M or even have a scantila of power and control over her rogue Awardees is attributed to malfeasance or simply incompetence, the reality is that her entrenched bureaucrats, in the same way they benefited under the Friends of Angelo Fund for reduced mortgages profited, so to they continue today by refusing to do their jobs.

Is it fair that Secretary Fudge take the hits for a system not of her making? Yes. No one forced her to take the job. Secretary Fudge could dedicate a little bit of time cleaning up the mess that her generation has made, but instead is focused on sound bites and tours of uppity social gatherings. My condemnation of HUD does not come lightly. And while I could name folks, it is immaterial. The reality is that the Awardees always have and always will be white. And that is not by chance. No matter what a HUD Secretary wants to do, the reality is that the Secretary has been, is, and always will be controlled by special interests and the Biden Administration is the epitome of tokenism.

How bad are the hacks? Chances are pretty good that your information is in the latest one seen here,

And if not, for less than eighteen cents, obtaining your entire financial, medical, and life history is available. That is the dirty little secret that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) does not want you to know. I mean, look, why rebrand Aspen Grove Solutions as Shieldhub? Right?! It is an abysmal failure costing Labor, not Management, millions of dollars for absolutely nothing. Labor will always pay the price unless and until they organize.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
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