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The Anatomy Of Public Relations

One of the things firms reach out to me for is Public Relations. What many people do not realize is that it is not necessarily the content of information which is important as much as it is the strategic placement and timing of the information’s distribution. Whether you are a Firm introducing your Product and Website or whether you are well established, it is vital to begin to have Google associate your Branding with a plethora of Mortgage Field Services Industry subject matter. This additionally places your Firm on the radar, the visual spectrum if you will, with the Industry Professionals whom determine which Firm best exemplifies those whom they wish to do business with.

Social Media is a double edged sword. First, Firms need to understand that while they are entitled to write that which they want, the reality is that what people say in their private life is identified with their professional life. A good example is where a person discusses political or religious ideology on their Facebook or LinkedIn Profiles. Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders have no desire to become involved in a relationship which might require extrication down the road.

As you will see, Foreclosurepedia harvests state of the art technology to ensure that your Social Media is all bound together to ensure that your Brand streams simultaneously. By staying on top of the Industry Information which is trending through multiple platforms, Foreclosurepedia creates an Excel Spreadsheet allowing our Clients to properly place information into Social Media Feeds during specific time sets and thus creating back end Google SEO optimized to bring inquiries to your Firm and placing both your website higher in Page Ranking and attributing Industry

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Foreclosurepedia has worked with some of the larger National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members whom have come to realize that public perception goes a long ways with respect to how the US Government determines its level of scrutiny. The reality is that when Eric Miller, the NAMFS Regime Commandant, made it clear that he and Altisource would not properly investigate people like Cheap Suit Jay Goscinski, many legitimate NAMFS Rank and File began to understand the imperative of distancing themselves from the fraud and corruption. In the same way that Financial Institutions began closing the doors to Angelo Mozilo when Countrywide was found to be the cesspool that it was, so we are beginning to see the quiet movements within the Industry itself. The poster child is the disgraced, former Secretary of the NAMFS Regime Heather Berghorst. The problem being is that Altisource must not have received the Memo on things not to do going forward.

Most of the NAMFS Regime Members whom have been heavily embroiled in the unethical practices of not paying Contractors — Berghorst Enterprises, Heritage Home Solutions, Buczek Enterprises, Eastern Estates, Boyd Property Preservation, Michigan Realty Solutions, Safeguard Properties, Asset Management Specialists, ad nausem — know that they must stick together and keep Eric Miller focused on silence. The remaining NAMFS Rank and File whom realize that fraud and corruption have no place in ANY INDUSTRY, let alone the Mortgage Field Services Industry, understand that while they cannot publicly condemn the NAMFS Regime, they will not be penalized for pushing the virtues of their own Firms.

When US Government Agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) receive a Complaint which may be filed here, I like to think that CFPB begins their evaluation upon an Offender by reviewing the public information about them on the Internet. Take for example Berghorst Enterprises. A simple Google Chrome Google Search of Berghorst Enterprises is an eye opener. An additional search of the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), which is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information online from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts, and the PACER Case Locator, would reveal that Berghorst is on her SECOND Bankruptcy. This salient fact, alone, would begin to set off alarm bells like why are Firms like Altisource hiring these NAMFS Regime Members not performing Due Diligence Investigations.

So, the reality is that where last year PR was not that important of a component; where Order Mills were simply preoccupied with moving work orders to and fro, now everyone is under the microscope. No one to thank here but Eric Miller. For those whom continue to push the, “Stop telling Contractors how to file CFPB Complaints and maybe cut the Billionare Banksters some slack,” perhaps they should refocus on the fact that if people are doing things right, they would have nothing to fear.

More on point, though, if a Firm is doing it the right way then it would appear to me that their stories would be the ones which the Industry need to hear. When all that is on the radar is the continued depravity which the NAMFS Regime allows to flow, hearing good things about good people takes center stage. How the Industry is today, positive PR has far more reaching impact than negative PR — this is usually the converse.

If I were a Firm which was involved in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, I would want my best foot forward. In the same way that Firms all around Countrywide realized that Mozilo would eventually pay the piper, preservation companies are realizing that they need to distance themselves from those around them involved in the mayhem. The reality is that if a Firm is doing things the right way, that in and of itself, is something to write about! They are realizing that just like their counterparts in the real world, the investment in a Public Relations strategy pays off in more areas than simply conveying a message to the general public. So, if Foreclosurepedia may ever be of assistance to you, feel free to reach out to us and if you mention this Article, we will give you a TWENTY FIVE PERCENT discount!

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