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Spoofing: While NAMFS Was Asleep The Industry Paid The Price

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime and its Membership have been under a steady onslaught of cyber attacks over the past several months. Recalcitrant to report any of this to their own Offender Members or Rank and File; purposefully ignoring calls from within and without to notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the NAMFS Regime and its Offender Members appear not to want any type of regulatory attention brought to them.

The NAMFS Webiste had been down for untold days until Foreclosurepedia decided to document such. More on point, Google still lists NAMFS as having hacking issues. In fact, Sururi, on of the leaders of malware detection in the Industry, still continues to identify multiple issues on the NAMFS Website. I want the record to reflect that not only have I privately sent this information to Eric Miller, it is now well documented publicly.


The reality is the Mortgage Field Services Industry is nowhere near being capable of regulating itself. In fact, while there are a few people here and there whom actually understand technology, the problem is that any system is only as good as its weakest link: Order Mills and Contractors.

A High Value Source at M&M Mortgage reached out to me while I was on a Consulting trip in South Carolina, yesterday. To set the stage, I had been brought in to advise upon the creation of a new website and information security. The first thing I did was remove all of the Norton and McAffee bullshit installed on their systems. I have a platform I use which is free and will be free until the end of time and applied it along with some other Local Area Network (LAN) hacks.

Within minutes of shifting over to my new platform and implementation of the new protocols, documents which would have normally been passed through as safe, set off alarm bells. Now, here is where we talk about the marriage of protocol and technology. Normally, humans have a tendency to false flag documents from trusted sources and unlock them. I was told, “Our old software always opened these documents.” I gave standing orders to call the originator, which was Brunswick Companies and verify the information and attachment. Lo and behold, it was verified that my software was correct and there were “…hundreds of reports…” and “…under no circumstances are you to open that file.”

M&M Mortgage took issue with the fact that Foreclosurepedia reported upon their email servers being breached. I stand by that statement, but will explain why. First, upon M&M Mortgage’s own admission, the Contact List specific to an M&M Mortgage employee had been seized and was now missing. That required access to the email server. Now, in fairness, their position is that it was not M&M Mortgage’s email servers which sent out the emails. I cannot substantiate that; however, the Source told me that they were in the office until all hours of the night ensuring such and that, further, the M&M Mortgage Platform was sanitized. I believe that M&M Mortgage is safe; I believe that until we have a Task Force appointed by the US Government to examine this Industry, all email is suspect.

Truth be known, I like M&M Mortgage and I hope that statement doesn’t get them in a world of shit. As Management goes, they treat Labor fairly and that is all we can ask for at the end of the day. I must take my Source’s information prima facie as I do not have access to their logs. I have not been contracted to do penetration testing and I am not going to risk it as if my Source listened to me, the FBI has been contacted.

An example: Eric Miller is sent an infected email which he or a staffer opens, running the worm code. The worm code searches Miller’s email address book and pulls all of Miller’s addresses. From Miller’s computer, the worm sends an infected email to everyone, but forged to appear to have been sent by Miller.

What we have is a fairly sophisticated crew whom knows the lingo of this Industry — somewhat. This crew banks upon the fact that while the Industry may consider Labor to be Independent Contractors, they certainly do not act as such. What I mean is that a real Independent Contractor not only understands their craft, they understand all of the components necessary to operate an independent business. This crew additionally knows that there is no regulatory oversight; they understand that there is no compulsory reason to ensure safety and security up and down the chain of thousands of Order Mills. In essence, the weakest link is the Order Mills! Each and every breach documented has occurred at the Order Mill Level — McCall Field Services outed everyone from the banks to the US Marshals; Boyd Property Preservation had employees using their own laptops on card tables moving bank information to and fro; GTJ Consulting exposed Fannie Mae, US Department of Housing and Urban Development and Contractors to the Dark Net — the list goes on and on and on. No one and I mean NO ONE has taken any of my warnings seriously. Time and again, entire company email lists are sent out without bcc. Hell, Foreclosurepedia has in upwards of tens of thousands of email addresses. In fact, Joe Hummel, the illegally appointed NAMFS Regime Board Member, forwarded a boat load of NAMFS Member email addresses in his recent correspondence to me.

Spoofing emails is a pretty simple process these days. In an Industry which pays pennies for Vendor Managers, the reality is that you get what you pay for. Whether the aforementioned crew used Slez or Sober or any of a half dozen other applications, the reality is that the Mortgage Field Services Industry has a very dangerous addiction to Microsoft and its Trident methodologies. Early on, Foreclosurepedia warned of the Internet Explorer (IE) dangers and in fact refused to work for any Firm requiring such as AIM Your Way required, early on. Even the US Department of Homeland Security finally issued a Bulletin on the absolute necessity of getting away from IE.

More on this fast moving story this evening!

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