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Spectrum Loses 65 Percent Of Inspection Volumes

Spectrum, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member reported that they have lost 65 percent of all their Inspections. By in large, these were Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS), inspections. Many are familiar with AFAS and the recent Bowerman Decision handed down against they by a federal court in California ruling that Field Asset Services, the firm bought by Assurant, had misclassified their employees as independent contractors. Truth be told, if Assurant cannot settle for under Two Million Dollars, they will close their doors according to sources speaking on condition of anonymity.

NAMFS, and it’s all white Board of Directors, has always been at the forefront corruption within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The NAMFS Executive Director, Eric Miller, is a classic case-in-point. Miller, whose salary is north of One Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand Dollars per year, consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member Dues. That salary has forced the near bankruptcy of NAMFS and is par for the course with respect to institutional criminality. The last NAMFS Income Tax filing stated roughly $27K was left in their accounts. In fact, they reported a NEGATIVE $47,283 as revenue for their last filing!

  • NAMFS posted a NEGATIVE $47,283 as revenue for Fiscal Year 2015
  • NAMFS earned $493,036 and spent $540,319 — That is $47,283 more than they earned
  • NAMFS provided $84,000 in compensation to “…disqualified persons as defined under section 4958(f)(1) and persons described in section 4958(c)(3)(B) by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).”
  • NAMFS Membership Revenue declined by $41,340
  • NAMFS Program Service Revenue, their lifeblood, dropped by $71,365
  • NAMFS Total Assets dropped another $56,661 — NAMFS Cash On Hand is now $27,403

If you are on the NAMFS Board of Directors, it has been a tried and true fact that you are going to have access to information which your fellow NAMFS Members never will. Take Johanna Granados, for example. Granados is the Director, Restoration Services at Assurant Field Services, at AFAS. Granados is also the President of South Pacific Field Services. Granados also served on the NAMFS Board of Directors.

Now, I don’t know about you, but as the Foreclosurepedia Nation depends upon my opinionated articles, the reality is that Granados is the biggest conflict of interest I have seen in years. I am curious how it is that you are capable of raiding your competition’s work while owning your own company and being employed by the prime vendor distributing it?! The Fox Guarding the Henhouse!

A short time ago, Spectrum learned that we will be losing approximately 65% of our inspection volume in Residential Inspections during the latter part of May 2017. This is awful news for both Spectrum as well as our inspectors, who have done such a great job for us. A major client of Spectrum’s has changed their business model, and will now be producing their inspections in-house, rather than contracting out this work to Spectrum. There is possibly an opportunity for Spectrum to retain some of this volume; however, we won’t know how many or where those inspections will be located for at least a few weeks. — Statement from Alan Bunker, CEO Spectrum Field Services

We also know that Granados does not take internet security seriously as the photo to the right side demonstrates. In fact, South Pacific Field Services, along with virtually all of Granados’ NAMFS colleagues, believe that lining their own pockets is more deserving than ensuring that Minority Females and Labor or US Taxpayers are protected. Time and again we have demonstrated how the highest echelons of NAMFS Membership are insecure such as Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) login; the Vendor Resource Management (VRM) education portals and login; and others. As it appears to me, provided that you have access to Eric Miller and the NAMFS Board of Directors, you are not bound to Compliance.

Here is how a Source phrased the Granados Experiment,

Her company South Pacific has all the volume for inspections from Assurant in Cal. and possibly other states. Not sure but likely preservation also.

Assurant is allowing her company to keep the work when she works directly for them. Taking work from Spectrum and all their mom and pop vendors. South Pacific is then offering half of what they made doing the work for Spectrum.

You see, Granados put together South Pacific Field Services back in 2013. Regardless of what Granados claims, she is still the Managing Member of South Pacific Field Services according to the State of California — since 2013. She is also listed as the President according to her website. And true to how NAMFS Members operate, Granados actually formed her company out of Nevada, where we tracked it down to and she is still listed as Managing Member there, as well. Is anyone else concerned about this? I mean here you have a woman being paid with an executive compensation package to be a Director at Assurant. To say that her access to information and personnel is limited is to say that stripper’s poles in a Mosque are tolerated. She owns South Pacific Field Services LLC, which derives work from Assurant. Sources are stating that South Pacific Field Services has taken over a large swath of work formerly provided by Assurant to Spectrum Field Services. And I believe it is legitimate to inquire whether or not she has a conflict of interest.

If you are experiencing a loss in inspections or preservation work from Spectrum Field Services and/or any firm and you have seen a recent uptick in South Pacific Field Services, Foreclosurepedia would love to talk to you! We reached out directly to Assurant’s Counsel and South Pacific Field Services and neither had comment at the time of publication.

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