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SEAS LLC: Promises Made By Kim Fatica Kept By None

SEAS LLC appears to be back up to their old tricks again. And lo and behold, yet another Altisource Vendor dicking the Contractor. Yeah, and a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime! I mean it just never ends with the NAMFS Regime! Over a year ago, Altisource was well aware of issues presenting at SEAS LLC regardless of the flavor in the Brandon Pribble matter. Coming on the heels of Kim Fatica’s disappearance from SEAS LLC after giving his word to Contractors across the Nation that he would ensure the sanctity of his promises to them of a Straight Ship if they signed on, nothing new under the Sun. While I like Fatica as a person, I hold him personally responsible for coming in for 11 months and promising the world to people and then back dooring while leaving a debacle.

Unless and until Fatica goes public with his knowledge which could save Contractors, I will make it my goal to track him down and hold him out to the Public for precisely whom he is. See, that’s the deal: When you have information which could save pain and suffering for other human beings and you refuse to disclose it, you are no better than those injuring others. I want to make sure ALL PARTIES understand where I am going!

So, whether it be by anonymous email, fax or visit, the files are going to be presented which spell out precisely whom knew what and when they knew it. Promises were made to Contractors and just because Companies want to engage the talent of others does not give carte blanche to allow innocent victims to have atrocities committed against them. The clock is ticking and I publish tomorrow regardless.

Rolling Thread On Facebook Calling SEAS LLC Out

1 hr · Spartanburg, SC

10,000.00 dollar chargeback for incorrect lot sizes in the year of 2013? All this after you owe me money from over 5 months ago,along with shorter than usual checks. Come on SEAS, LLC, really????? Anybody else with this prob or insight on how to fight this?

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This is why my business needs to get rolling!!!

So true

I almost linked then to my post

We need to do what we talked about i think that might change there mind. It was good talking with you today

That is what’s gonna happen. Strength in numbers [Redacted]? They are telling us that we have duplicate photos on Hundreds of work orders that is the reason they are giving us. Show me the proof and i will show you are wrong.

Did you used to work for them [Redacted]?


Did y’all have a bad experience?

Yes lol

[Debt Collector enters the game — fucking scum!]
[Redacted] do they still owe you

Yes ,)

I wrote it off as a loss on our taxes. My husband also does heating and air so that side picked up with a lot of business and I couldn’t keep up. For awhile it looked as if they were making good on things and doing better. Guess not.

Sounds like them [Redacted]

We need to stop this some how. Any ideas out there

Well from what I remember they had some law suites against them. It was someone who went after them that represented all of us. We were new in the business at that time and I didn’t want to get a bad business name just getting started. I didn’t allow o…

[ Scum Debt Collector — I help alot of property preservation companies around the nation push back and have helped recover thousands of dollars owed. Please pm me you guys I may have solutions to your problems. — How much you gonna charge the Contractors there Debt Collector?!]

I’m feeling blessed to have never had the mis-fortune to work with SEAS…however, yes there are a lot of other people with the same issue over on Field Service Reps page. But my advice would be to get on all the pages and start a list of who all is g…

If any of this is sounding familiar, it has all the hallmarks of virtually each and every Altisource Vendor we have reported upon which went belly up. In each case, Altisource continued to pay their corrupt vendors while Contractors received the shaft. There are a plethora of reports up and down the Eastern Seaboard of SEAS LLC now alleging that Contractors are submitting duplicate photos. The only problem is that SEAS LLC is not presenting the evidence to support such as you will see below.

Anyone having issues with getting paid from seas we are owed lots of money just got off the phone with them and they stated that we owed for duplicate photos on over 274 send me the proof you have and we will take care of it of course we have not heard back from them yet what the f is going with these companies

there not paying you because of 274 duplicate photos and need new ones to justify it? I’ve been hearing this is becoming more and more common practice as more and more companies are now self auditing or have a 3rd party out source there QC work and come back with different findings. Be careful on using any photo ” editing ,” software , resizing is one thing, but cutting , cropping and other stuff , changes the photos coding and then sets of a red flag, each photo has its own , each and unique embedded code ID to it, I’ve been involved in photography since I was 10 years old , so I am pretty familiar with how there monitoring this type of QC measures and what there looking for, not that anyone is wrong here but make sure your QC twice and three times or hire someone that can, this can help save you headaches in the long run.

This is why I use PPW as it detects duplicate photos

One thing that may it may not help is , first take a picture of the work order with the address , and WO number , that way you have a start and end point of where the photos , started and end for each work order. We’ve been doing that now for 9 years and makes filing easy and making sure those photos go to that order because the work order is to the beginning of each job. May of may not help but it has sure made my life easier.

Haven’t heard anything about duplicate photos but we got an email today stating we were overplayed nearly $900 for grass cuts over a year ago. The explanation given is an internal error on the part of their client relating to lot size.

Of course, the only reference to each property is SEAS’s internal work order number so it’s going to be a bear going through and double checking.
[Redacted] we always use ppw and never have any red flags come up becuase we never upload duplicate photos this is a way they are trying to get out of paying i do beleive

[Redacted] i know someone in SC going thru the samething how ever there being backcharged for $10.000 for wrong lot size unreal what us as contractors go thru we need to start liening these homes for payment

I am going to, once again, remind Contractors that they need to IMMEDIATELY file a Complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) located here. You need to select the Bank Account or Service Option as seen below. Foreclosurepedia will assist you in this process if you contact us. Now, as usual, most Contractors will lie down and lick their nuts. They will believe that the Newkirk’s are just having a slight issue and the Contractors just know it will work out. Um, yeah, I hope it does. The question becomes whom will it work out for?!

Altisource does not give a damn whether or not you get paid as is evidenced by their callous attitude with respect to the fraud committed by Berghorst Enterprises. Today, we broke the story and were THE ONLY MEDIA OUTLET to publish the Filing of Fraud Complaints against the disgraced, former NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst. Now, how does that square with their lawyer’s opinion that there was nothing Altisource could do?! Had they performed Due Diligence, there is a DAMN GOOD CHANCE Contractors would not have been screwed! While Altisource was pretending that all was well in Luxembourg, the reality is that one Contractor had the balls to challenge this opinion. Buczek Enterprises whose fraud is only 4 percent documented on my latest map, is yet another sterling example of Altisource ensuring their Vendors get paid and passing the buck onto Contractors. In fact, Buczek Enterprises is attempting to sell a million dollar plus office building and who gets the money? Yup, them and not the Contractors.
Folks, when I sound the alarm, I am rarely wrong. I predicted last year that even with Kim Fatica on board, SEAS LLC was running on fumes. I reached out to Altisource with respect to SEAS LLCs latest bullshit and you know what I got? Dead Silence! That is also an indicator I use to measure whether or not things are kosher with an Altisource Vendor.

If I were a Contractor working for SEAS LLC, I would personally get the hell out of dodge and begin liening properties in conjunction with the Filing of a CFPB Complaint located here. This is the deal: While SEAS LLC is still somewhat financially solvent, if you leave and they do not pay you or cook up a back billing scam, you can hit the Newkirk’s with litigation and bring the CFPB in to examine things. As Altisource and Ocwen are both under the microscope right now by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), CFPB, Benjamin Lawsky the New York Banking Czar and a plethora of others, you stand a fighting chance of getting your money. If you wait past this weekend? Well, I will let you be the judge.

In closing, Foreclosurepedia is within hours of declaring a Black List Alert on Altisource. The reality is that neither their administrative personnel nor their legal departments are to be trusted in my opinion. In fact, the only reason I do not issue it today, is that I am awaiting confirmation on SEAS LLCs financials from a Source in Florida. If I am able to confirm that we are in a floating situation with SEAS LLC, it will convey to me that Altisource is not conducting reviews on their Vendors.

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