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HomeStar Property Solutions: The True Story Unfolds

HomeStar Property Solutions (HomeStar), a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, has been on Foreclosurepedia’s radar for about six months now. Many will remember our recent Article on HomeStar owing nearly SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS to Contractors and yet opening up a new, multi million dollar office down in Texas. While Eric Miller and the NAMFS Regime Board have been doing their best to keep a lid on the disgraced, former NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst being sued in Federal Court for fraud; while Eric Miller and the NAMFS Regime Board have been quietly praying about Berghorst and the rest of the Altisource Vendors whom have been committing wholesale fraud like Buczek Enterprises and others, the rest of their predator buddies have been on a wholesale slaughter of Contractors.

Foreclosurepedia was recently contacted by an Extremely High Value Source within HomeStar. In fact, ForeclosurepediaSesame-Street-Gang-Big-Bird-Meme would classify this Source as the highest ever within a multi million dollar firm. We place the veracity of what we are going to reveal this evening at 99.4 percent. It is just the beginning as we start to break down Michael Breese and his illicit empire of fraud, deceit and corruption as it appears to us. As the information is so critical and condemning we went to great lengths to cross compare it with emails we obtained drafted by folks such as whom is Christi Timmer, HomeStar National Vending Recruiter. I want to be specific that I have an email from Timmer requiring the $550 up front which I will discuss below!

HomeStar has been floating a new hustle for quite some time to both add profit and stave off financial insolvency, HomeStar introduced the latest NAMFS Regime hustle which was the Gold Star – HomeStar Payment Plan. Gold Star was a buy in at $550 and meant you allegedly were paid quickly; 15 days or less — This is classic Pay to Play. What they didn’t tell folks was that the language was specifically designed NOT to make any guarantees. Here is what my Source stated on condition of anonymity,

As Mike Breese moved to the TX location where at last count housed 16 HS employees of which 8 were executive staff. 6 of those executives are all VP’s. a couple of those VP’s and Mike came up with the “Pay to Play” program. Should a vendor choose to become a ‘gold’ member it would give the vendor assurance to have payment made to them within 15 days of the completed job. Requirements for the membership was to offer up the vendors credit card for immediate payment of $550. The verbiage to the membership agreement was purposely designed to NOT make any guarantee of said payment. Existing vendors heard of the program and some wanted to join but were still owed payments. Those vendors asked to apply $550 of what was owed to them for this membership. They were denied and told this was not possible.

It was common knowledge all over the HomeStar Minnesota offices. Simply pick up the phone and call them. While some were glad to see Breese move on to his new Texas Offices, all would concur that he and his entourage were worthless sacks of shit. Breese set the tone that preservation vendors and contractors were a dime a dozen. In the same way that Lee Mertins over at Asset Management Specialists (AMS) — remind me to tell you the story of where Mertins, et al., ended up at — which is now for all intents and purposes defunct — they are selling off all their equipment as I type this — so Breese took the opinion that for every one Contractor he fucked, a hundred could be found. Apparently, though, it wasn’t that easy as my Source continued,

HS was failing at making good at the membership payment promises. 30 days ago the goal for the vendor management team (team of 3) was 30 new memberships a month, nearly 50K a month. Before this program was deployed the VM team balked at recruiting new vendors. One VM team member walked out and quit the day it was discussed with them. VP’s negotiated a bonus program for the VM team which they agreed on. In it first month which I believe was back in May they did very well and were expecting a nice bonus 60 days later. That never happened.

All was not well in Rome. Breese began to migrate over to Texas with a crew comprised of half Executive and half foot soldiers; Breese’s crew was just North of a baker’s dozen. To help finance his new Castle in Texas that Foreclosurepedia reported upon during the Minnesota auditing of HomeStar, the reality was that they were in financial meltdown. More on point, though, HomeStar had lost their Crown Jewel which was the VA Contract through VRM. Now many of you remember VRM as their Senior Vice President, Brandon Kirkham, attempted to threaten me over bringing to light his pile of shit corruption he bought with Carol Boyd whom defrauded even disabled wartime veterans.  Would appear that VRM finally made a wise choice — probably didn’t want to experience the anal gaping they had last time. Here, take a read through what my Source had to say,

Mike Breese has set the attitude that preservation vendors and contractors are secondary and are replaceable. The HS vendor network does not mean much to them.This started with making payments to vendors, payments were be held back and no one was informed as to the reasons why. Accounting stopped accepting calls and would not return vendor calls. Meanwhile work was to continue to be assigned out to vendors, Soon vendors were growing tired of lack of response to payment questions and would not accept any new work. Weeks and months went by without payments made, some as long as a year later. […] HS lost VRM as a client due to the vendor payment issue.

Breese, though, wasn’t content with just fucking innocent men and women out of what he owed them to fuel his extravagant lifestyle. Breese, like most predators, had to push the envelope. With his circle of Yes Men, Breese cranked up the vitriol in a way only a man haunted by proclivities could. In fact, my Source went on to say,

Weeks and months went by without payments made, some as long as a year later. Liens were placed on properties, if the clients were aware of the lien payment would be made but not before talking the vendor down to 30% or more from what they were owed. Once that amount was agreed on HS would then apply late fees on the vendors for various job tasks, on the preservation side this would be as high as a 30% penalty. On the repair side this could be as high as $100 to $150 per days late. Preservation being on a smaller scale due to revenue income so were many of the vendors – just small mom and pop folks. HS starved these pres vendors for 3, 6, 9 months or more and then took 30% and then another 30% in late fees. […] Bad press was getting louder and as the vendor management team was trying to recruit new vendors they were declining because of it.

So, this is a telegraph to Contractors that HomeStar must be dropped like a bad habit. More on point, if you are owed money and have not filed a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaint located here, you might has well start peddling dope in school zones as you will fair far better! No way HomeStar can make good on all their debt if it is called in today; no way in hell. And Breese, this is a message for you: Vincit Omnia Veritas! For those of you in the Drive By Social Media; for those Social Media Pundits whom think that you really have a firm grasp on what the fuck is going on, most of you will be flipping burgers by Q2FY2015. I told everyone a month ago what was coming down the pike and you have no idea, even yet, how bad it is going to be. Make no mistake whatsoever that Miami is next on the Map. Stay tuned as we reach out to our Source to begin to open up some of the more detailed information which Breese thought he Deep Sixed back in Minnesota.

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